Different Types and Designs of Double Edged Razors

Different Types and Designs of Double Edged Razors

Double Edge Razors are a very popular razor for wet shaving and have been for a very long time. Even though straight razors provide a closer shave, the safety feature of double edged razors have made it way more popular than the straight razor.  It might have something to do with people not wanting to worry about slicing their neck every time they shave. Cartridge razors may not shave as close as the other two, but they do have their advantages, such as their ease of use and the ability to shave faster without worrying if you will cut yourself.  Apart from that, safety razors offer a cleaner, closer shave and are cheaper to maintain than cartridge type razors.  There are different double edge razor designs that may be confusing at first for beginners so this article will attempt to explain these differences and offer insight into the world of the double edged razors so you could make an informed purchasing decision.

One-Piece Razors

Merkur Futur Safety Razor Polished ChromeThere are three basic designs of double edge razors and they are named accordingly. The first is the one-piece design, which is also called butterfly, adjustable or silo razor. This razor has a mechanism inside it that allows the cutting head to open with a twist of the handle or the press of a knob. One-piece razors gained popularity because razor blades could be changed easily without disassembling and reassembling the razor.   The down-side to these razors are that they are difficult to clean and because they have moving parts, they are more prone to malfunction after being used for many years.  The Merkur Futur Safety Razor is an exception to this rule since this high quality German razor is built like a tank and is guaranteed to last for many years.

Two-piece Double Edged Razors

Merkur 34C Straight Bar HD Safety RazorTwo-piece razors are razors designed with a removable head which has a long bar in the middle and a screw at the end of the bar that fits into the handle. The head can then be fastened to the handle using a knob on the lower part of the handle or with other methods. Cleaning of a two-piece razor is easier than cleaning of a one-piece razor but changing blades on the one-piece razor is easier than on a two-piece razor.  It’s all relative and just depends on which style you prefer.


Three-Piece Double Edge Razor

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor DE3DBC15BLThe three piece double edged razor is similar to the two-piece razor except that the handle can be unscrewed from the base of the head. This makes the bar attached to the top head short as opposed to the long bar of a two-piece razor. The earliest models of the three-piece razor were offered by Gillette around the early part of the twentieth century and they have since grown to become the most popular type of the double edge razor. Their popularity is partly because of the ease of cleaning and also their design which leaves very little moving parts.  This made the Gillette’s some of the most durable type of double edged razors available until other brands were released from countries all over the world.

Closed and Open Comb Head

Double Edged RazorsThere is another major design difference between razors when it comes to their safety bars.  Most razors have a solid safety bar and are called closed comb safety razors. They are the most widely used and are perfect for beginners. The solid safety bar provides an even, tight pressure on the skin and provides protection against nicks. Open comb razors on the other hand have periodic openings along the bar which gives them the look of a comb. They are more suited to people with coarse hair and are considered to be more aggressive razors.  We recommend starting with closed comb heads if you are new to wet shaving.

Razor Aggressiveness

A razor’s aggressiveness is a result of the amount of space between the edge of the blade and the safety bar. The more space there is, the closer the razor can shave and the more aggressive the razor is then said to be. There are basically three levels of classification for razor aggressiveness and they are called mild double edge razor, medium aggressive razor and the aggressive double edged safety razor. These three types of razors are non-adjustable but there is also an adjustable razor whose aggressiveness can be varied.

Straight Bar & Slant Bar Head

The last major difference in safety razor design is also the design of the safety bar. The majority of safety razors have a straight bar design, meaning that their safety bars are in a straight 90 degree angle to the handle. The slant bar design was patented in 1915 and has its bar slanting at an angle different than the 90 degrees to the handle. This makes the razor’s blade able to slice a stubble at a slant which is a more effective method. This feature has been used in the design of the guillotine for example and is appreciated mostly by men with coarse beards and even more appreciated if your skin is sensitive.


Knowing the differences in double edge razor design will enable you to choose the best safety razor according to your skin type, your hair type and your shaving style. Only a straight razor can offer you the closest shave when you compare it to the double edged safety razor but it lacks the safety of the DE razor which is why we do not recommend it for beginners.  If you have any questions on the types of double edges razors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will be more than happy to help.

The Importance of using a Pre Shaving Oil during Wet Shaving

The Importance of using a Pre Shaving Oil during Wet Shaving

Pre shaving oil is a mix of vegetable oils or essential oils which is applied to the skin before a shaving cream in an effort to achieve better shaving results. Such results include the avoidance of razor bumps and skin irritation by providing the much needed lubrication between the skin and the razor blade. Human beings have used vegetable oils and animal fats as shaving lubricants for many centuries. Although the practice has evolved into the additional application of shaving cream or soap after the initial application of shaving oil, there are still a few men today who shave exclusively with oil.

How Shaving Oil prevents Razor Bumps

Razor Bumps are an unpleasant condition that affect many shavers. They can be terribly uncomfortable in addition to being a visually unpleasant.  However, razor bumps can be prevented by the use of shaving oil which is a solution men who have sensitive skin have been using for years. Applying a thin layer of pre-shave oil helps to soften the hair so your blade cuts through it easily without pulling at the follicles and irritating them.  This pull is what creates the razors bumps. It also enables the blade to glide smoothly over the skin, thereby avoiding the irritation of the skin for people with sensitive skin types.

Men with sensitive skin benefit the most from the use of shaving oil. If you have sensitive skin like many people do, you will discover that there truly is a difference between using a pre shaving oil versus not using one at all.  One of the many reasons why there has been a spike in demand for pre shaving oil is due to men demanding clear skin and no red irritation marks post shave.

Applying pre-shave oil helps to reduce ingrown hair because the razor cuts the hairs cleaner. Ingrown hairs occur mostly because they have been cut at an angle. This cutting at an angle happens only when hair gets pulled by a razor before being cut. Such a scenario is not possible after the application of a pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oils help to reduce irritation of sensitive skin (razor burns) because the razor blade has lubrication to glide on.

How To Use Pre-shave Oil

The number one complaint people have against the use of pre-shave oil is that it clogs their razor and stops them from getting a clean shave. Another complaint is that shaving oils are difficult to wash off from the face after shaving. The simple solution to avoiding such complaints is to buy a good quality pre-shave oil which should have a thin consistency.  This will ensure that the pre shaving oil comes off easy with warm water.

You begin your shaving session by either wrapping your face for a few minutes in a towel dipped in warm-to-hot water or by starting your shave after a shower. Now that your pores have been opened by the heat and your hairs are starting to soften, you apply just a few drops of your pre-shave oil to the palm of one hand and rub it together with the other palm. It is important to note here that you do not need excessive oil.  You only need to create just a thin film of oil across the area you plan to shave. So use your two oily palms to massage the oil across your face, making sure it is not too thick. After this massage, you can now go ahead and lather up.

Recommended Pre-Shave Oils

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil - SandalwoodTaylor of Old Bond Street – Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil

This sandalwood pre-shave oil from Taylor of old Bond street is one of the finest pre-shave oils from one of England’s finest brands of gentlemen’s essentials. Use this to protect your sensitive skin from aggressive razor blades and avoid irritations and bumps.



Col Conk Pre Shave OilCol Conk Pre Shave Oil

This Pre-shave oil from the Colonel Ichabod Conk is another fine product from another reputable brand of gentlemen’s essentials. Use this shaving oil to save yourself the agony of razor bumps.



BAUME.BE Pre Shave GelBaume.Be Pre Shave Gel

Made from the finest ingredients, the Baume.Be pre shave gel is similar to pre shaving oils but with a lighter texture that doesn’t incorporate the oily substance.  This is the best alternative if you want a pre shaving solution but refuse to use an oil.




The online shaving store for discerning gentlemen

The online shaving store for discerning gentleman

Finding a shaving store online where you can comfortably shop for your wet shaving essentials without worrying about low quality or overpriced items is key these days.  OriginalShaveCompany.com specializes in high quality shaving essentials offered at good prices and of course combined with our exceptional customer service. We carry only the best quality products from well known, trusted manufacturers.  One of the many benefits to shop with us is our extensive knowledge of shaving essentials which we will be more than happy to assist with if you just contact us.  The following is a listing of the different wet shaving products that are available from our shop.

Razors – From Old School to Modern Designs

Dovo Shavette Razor Stainless Steel HandleWe stock a wide variety of razors so there is always something for every different kind of gentleman. If you’re into old school straight razors, we have original Dovo Shavettes for you. If you prefer classical shaving with a safety razor, then we have quality razors for you from reputable names like Edwin Jagger, Merkur and more. If you are not much of a traditional wet shaver and prefer to go with the times, we also have classic Mach3 or Fusion razors which use authentic Gillette cartridges.

Shaving Brushes

Wet ShavingOur online shaving store offers a very fine assortment of shaving brushes from well known brush makers such as Simpsons, Edwin Jagger and much more. We currently stock authentic pure badger and best badger brushes from Simpsons while our Edwin Jagger assortment includes high quality synthetic brushes, pure badger, best badger, super badger and Silver-Tip badger brushes. So whether you are a wet shaving animal-lover who prefers synthetic brushes or the traditionalist who must always have a badger brush, we have what you need.

Bundle & Shave

shaving kitWhat’s unique about our store is the custom shaving sets with our high in demand“Bundle & Shave” program. If you like making bulk purchases to get better deals or you just love to have complete packages of anything, then you will love our Bundle & Shave deals. We offer a variety of bundles which combine different products from different manufactures into unique offerings. Apart from our pre-packed deals, we also offer you the opportunity of selecting the individual items by yourself with our “Build Your Own Bundles”. One important thing to remember here is that whichever way you make your selection, you can always rest assured that you are selecting from the highest quality shaving essentials.

Shaving Soaps & Shaving Creams

BAUME.BE Shaving CreamOur shaving store would not be complete without shaving soaps and shaving creams. We offer you the very best shaving essentials when it comes to lathering up since we only choose brands which are butane free and don’t include harmful chemicals which can irritate or dry up your face. We stock traditional shaving soaps from reputable producers like the Colonel Conk, Edwin Jagger, and Taylor of Old Bond street. These are some of the best hard soaps you will find for making a luxurious shaving lather and you can also choose from the different fragrances available, like sandalwood, lime, amber and bay rum. Our shaving creams are also of the finest grade and include shaving cream jars and tubes with Lavender, coconut-oil, sandalwood, cooling menthol and lime fragrances.

Pre-Shave & After-shave

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil - SandalwoodWe also offer pre-shave oils in our shaving store from the same manufacturers listed above. Pre-shave oil is a necessity for a quality wet shave, especially for people with sensitive skin. A pre-shave oil application helps to protect and lubricate the skin while an after-shave helps to nourish it. This nourishment is important because shaving exfoliates the outermost layers of the skin which then needs to be nourished.



Our Razor Blade OffersGillette 7 O'Clock Safety Razors Yellow Box

We offer both safety razor blades and disposable straight razor (shavette) blades. In our shaving store, you will find razor blades from Gillette, Merkur of Germany, Feather of Japan, Astra, Derby and Dovo of Germany.  These are some of the highest quality brands and companies for wet shaving.




Feel free to visit our online shaving store and to give us a try today. We also offer a full 30-day return policy on our products and we accept all the major credit cards, including paypal. If you prefer to place your order over the telephone, you can call us toll-free at (800)769-4935 Ext 1. You can also use the “Contact Us” form on our website to send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why a shaving kit is best when starting out with wet shaving

Why a shaving kit is best when starting out with wet shaving

A shaving kit is a collection of wet shaving items that incorporate all the necessities needed when just starting out in the wet shaving journey. A wet-shaver usually requires more than one item for any shaving session. It is often best to have a shaving brush, a shaving soap or cream, a bowl, a razor and blades, depending on the type of razor. It makes sense to purchase them all as a kit, especially when you are first starting out, because you get the recommendation of what works well from a specialized grooming company. The fact is, most people begin their wet-shaving journey by starting with a kit which they can add products to as they progress. There are quite a few benefits of buying your shaving gear in a kit. Let us cover a few of them here:

shaving kitCheaper Price
When buying your shaving kit in a set, you will pay less overall than if you were to buy the individual items separately.  This is true on our website, OriginalShaveCompany.com, which rewards customers for purchasing/bundling items for a lower price.  If price is a big deciding factor for you, you are definitely going to want to pay attention to the “Bundle & Shave” kits since you get the most bang for your buck with these packages.  Not only do you pay a lower price for the products but  you also save on shipping and handling since you are bundling your items as one order instead of purchasing one item at a time.

Ease of Purchase
A shaving kit simply makes it easier for you to purchase all the items necessary for wet-shaving. Without the offer of a shaving kit, you would have to source and buy each item separately. For a beginner to wet shaver, this could be a very tedious task. Having to sort out different items that you may or may not be familiar with makes it a frustrating buying decision. Buying a shaving kit removes that frustration by giving you options on choosing from a pre-selected criteria which is guaranteed to please your wet shaving senses.

If you buy different items from different manufacturers, chances are that you may end up with so many different items that simply do not look good together or work well together. Buying a custom created shaving kit on the other hand can solve this problem. There are kits where the stand, brush, razor and even bowl all share a basic design that makes you feel good by just looking at them because it is a beautiful sight and they are all consistently presented for daily use.

Quality Test
There are shaving sets that come with multiple variations of replaceable items like safety razor blades, soaps and shaving creams. This makes it possible for a beginner to sample different products from different manufacturers and to possibly find his brand for a particular item. You may appreciate one manufacturer’s quality from another.  Purchasing one of our customizable bundles allow you to choose your manufacturer across all product groups.

Build Your Own Bundle Kits

There are also wet-shaving kits that allow you to put together your own kit. The way this works is that you get to decide if you want a straight razor or a safety razor kit, or maybe a mach3 razor kit. Then you choose your soap or cream and choose the razor blades where applicable. Then a stand, brush and bowl. There are also kits that offer just a razor, a brush and a stand. You ultimately have the flexibility to purchase only the brands and types of shaving needs you want and not be forced to purchase useless grooming products which will only collect dust.


Here are 4 recommendations from the Original Shave Company

Col Conk Badger Brush & Merkur Safety Razor Set
Col Conk Shave kit

Col Conk Badger-Brush & Merkur Safety Razor Kit

This set is a combination of products from two well known names in the shaving world, Colonel Ichabod Conk and Merkur. It combines a Merkur’s Safety Razor with a Col. Conk’s badger brush, Merkur blades, a drip stand, the Col’s soap and a black apothecary mug.



Build Your Own Bundle - Straight Razor Package


Straight Razor Bundle Shaving Set

This package allows you to design your own shaving set which will include a straight razor, shaving brushes, pre-shave and after-shave essentials, soap or cream, stand e.t.c.



Edwin Jagger Mach3 Razor Set S81M71611
EJ Shave Kit


Edwin Jagger Mach3 Razor Shaving Set

This kit combines a faux ebony Mach3 shaving razor with an Edwin Jagger pure badger brush and a nickel plated stand that compliments the nickel plated mach3 razor.



shaving kit
Shave kit

Build Your Own Safety Razor Shaving Set

This package will be perfect for you if you are into safety razors but you want to build your own bundle and select individual items according to your taste. From razors, to soaps, creams, pre- and after- shaves, it’s yours to design and combine.


It is always cheaper and safer to buy your shaving items in a set, especially for the first timer who wants to experiment with different shaving products. Leverage our expertise and get your  pre-selected shave kit today.  As times goes on and you gain more experience, you can add additional shaving essentials to your daily routine and make shaving a task you look forward to every day!