Castle Forbes

Castle ForbesCastle Forbes is considered one of the most prestigious brands of fragrance brought from the beautiful grounds of Scotland. Castle Forbes, a 19th century country house nestled on 6,000 acres of green, plush surroundings, which transform anyone who visits into an ultimate tranquil state of being. Malcolm Forbes, the 23rd Lord Forbes and his wife, Jinny, currently occupy this castle. Visitors from all over the world show to tour these grounds while understanding the historic background of this magical place. With a small structure on the land, which operated as a perfumery, Castle Forbes shaving essentials was eventually the prize of this historic evolution.

Castle Forbes shaving essentials are considered the Rolls Royce of shaving essentials, which include shaving creams, aftershave balms, pre-shave solutions, colognes and more. If you are looking for top quality shaving essentials with only the highest and top grade ingredients, then you will have to give Castle Forbes a try.

Choosing from the most popular scents, we recommend the cedarwood & sandalwood shaving cream, which has a strong manly tone without an overwhelming effect. For those who prefer an even lighter scent, they should consider the Limes Essential or Lavender scent from Castle Forbes as a fresh, clean feeling alternative to the classic sandalwood scent.

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with choosing any one specific Castle Forbes essential, which is why we recommend you try each of them and make a determination of the best one for you. Made for the ultimate “Royal” shave, choose from our Castle Forbes current offerings and stay tuned for additional items making their way in.