Merkur A high-quality wet shaving & cutlery tool producer based in Solingen, Germany, Merkur along with its parent company Dovo Stahlwaren will have just the right shaving tool you are looking for with their large selection of products.  If you are new to wet shaving or have been a longtime wet shaver, you surely have heard about the Merkur/Dovo brand name before.  Being founded in 1906, Merkur and Dovo line of products have outstanding wet shaving tools for all types of budgets and shaving requirements.

Merkur/Dovo originally started its business in 1906 by strictly selling traditional straight razors with their forge and hollow grinding location.  Thereafter, with the demand and creation of the safety razor, Merkur started a product line filled with different versions of safety razors, which they would eventually be very well known for.

For a wet shaving fanatic, the straight razor shave is second to none.  With Merkur/Dovo's creation of high-quality straight razors, those who wanted a shaving tool which would last decades and provide consistent manufacturing standards choose Dovo.

One of the most popular versions of the safety razor by Merkur was the Futur line of razors.  These safety razors, which look very futuristic and modern, provide one of the best adjustable razor shaves available.  Brought to you currently in three different finishes (brushed chrome, polished chrome, and gold plated), the Futur safety razors have been a huge success for people wanting to dial in their perfect shave depth.  You can do this with its twistable handle design and achieve the most aggressive or least aggressive shave you would like.

Merkur offers safety razors in the closed, slant, an adjustable and open format, which is guaranteed to suit your specific shaving, needs.  Dovo offers quality shavettes and traditional straight razors such as the Bismark 6/8 straight with the pearl handle.

We carry a large selection of Merkur and Dovo products so take your time in choosing your next shaving tool.  Chances are, you won't go wrong with any of the items from this German manufacturer.