Baume.BeIn 2011, Karl Indigne started the shaving cream brand,, in Belgium. With sensitive skin in mind, Karl Indigne decided to make his own shaving balm because his favorite aftershave was no longer available. was created, with alcohol-free products, to ensure sensitive skin is not irritated by every shave.

The Aftershave Balm that was initially created in 2011 provides a calming effect to every shave to ensure that razor burn does not irritate the skin. The balm also provides the skin with nourishing properties in addition to protecting the skin. Aftershave Balm is an amazing way to close out your shave routine to ensure optimal skin and refreshing results.

In December of 2012, introduced their Shaving Cream product line, which became wildly popular in the luxury men’s shaving world.  The shaving cream is also designed with sensitive skin in mind and provides an easy lather cream that is perfect for shaving. The ingredients in this cream ensure that the skin is not only protected from the shave, but it also provides the skin with nutrients. Some of the ingredients include Shea Butter and Vitamin E, which ensure the skin is provided with anti-aging properties and the skin heals after any possible razor burns.  In 2013, Baume.Be began to expand all over the world because they received their first order for resale from the United States of America.

In 2014, grew even further as they developed a Pre-shave Gel and a Shaving Soap. This was a difficult task since there was only one manufacturer of soap in Belgium, but was able to ensure true to their brand and created the soap to put out on the market.  The soap is made with natural products to ensure nourishing skin while protecting against any skin irritation. The soap comes in a ceramic container and provides a hydrating lather that is perfect for moisturizing and cleaning the skin. The Pre-shave Gel provides a layer of protection against the skin while hydrating and nourishing the shave to ensure a healthy shave.

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, makes sure that your shave is perfect and your skin is nourished.