Shaving Tips for Men With Sensitive Skin

Shaving facial hair is an uncomfortable experience for men with sensitive skin. Redness and irritation set in almost immediately after the razor touches your skin, making it practically impossible to finish the job. Then, when your face finally recovers, it’s time to shave again. If you have fallen into this vicious cycle, these shaving tips will be your saving grace.

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1.   Choose the Right Razor

First and foremost, you must choose the right razor to get a clean shave. A cheap disposable version isn’t doing your skin any favors. The blades must be sharp so they glide over your face and slice through the hairs without aggravating the follicles and roots beneath the skin. There are two razor categories to choose from:

  • Manual: Manual razors are the traditional options, containing one to six blades. The best type is the single-blade straight razor that men have used since ancient times. Fewer blades equal a closer shave and less irritation.
  • Electric: Electric razors are also serviceable for sensitive skin, especially if they have blade attachments that naturally conform to your face’s shape. You’re also less likely to make a mistake or cut yourself with an electric razor.

A manual razor will be the better choice for most sensitive-skinned guys. Electric razors require you to perform a dry shave, which increases the risk of skin irritation and often leads to acne. Additionally, the dozens of tiny blades on electric razors are more likely to scrape off dermal cells and dry your skin.

On the other hand, combining a simple manual straight razor with shaving cream for men will make the experience as comfortable as possible. Your skin will stay cool, and the solitary blade will have no trouble cutting through stubborn hairs.

2.   Keep the Blades Clean

Once you find the perfect razor, you must do your best to keep the blades clean. Even the best razor blades will cause skin irritation after a few shaves. Once they get dull, you need to sharpen them or replace them with new blades. This type of maintenance requires in-depth knowledge of your razor’s various parts and how they’re supposed to work.

If you choose an electric razor, you must lubricate the blades instead of sharpening them. Most electric razor kits come with a small container of mineral oil. Just put a few drops of oil on the blades at every shave and your razor will last for the foreseeable future. Having a full charge will also make the process easier on your skin.

No matter which razor you choose, the overarching goal is the same — always keeping the blades clean. Don’t let them accumulate dead skin and old hairs. Take a few minutes out of your day to sharpen or lubricate the blades for the sake of your skin’s health.

3.   Exfoliate Before Shaving

Now it’s time to get down to shaving. Exfoliate your skin before applying shaving cream. Showering or washing your face with warm water removes dirt and bacteria and washes away dead skin particles. It also opens up your facial pores, loosening up the hairs so they dislodge more easily.

All these benefits combine to make your skin as smooth as possible. Smooth skin will allow the blades to move around without obstruction. Your first time shaving after exfoliating will be nothing like your previous experiences. As long as you use the proper shaving technique, there will be no nicks, redness or swelling.

4.   Add Shaving Cream or Oil

You can finally apply your shaving cream once you’ve exfoliated. However, you shouldn’t use your hands because they’re oily and abrasive. Instead, you should use a shaving brush with fine hairs to apply the cream. It will be softer and stimulate blood flow beneath the skin to help with the exfoliating process.

You can also create a homemade beard oil recipe with anti-inflammatory essential oils such as clove, peppermint and cinnamon. Some people also use baby or olive oil to smooth the skin before shaving. Store your homemade beard oil at room temperature and monitor it for freshness.

5.   Shave With the Grain

Before applying your favorite shaving cream for men, take a moment to learn the correct way to shave. Some men can get away with shaving from any angle, but guys with sensitive skin always need to go with the grain. Facial hair usually grows downward around the mustache, chin and cheeks, but it also grows upward on the neck. Study your beard’s growth patterns and determine which way you’re supposed to shave.

You also need to apply the right amount of pressure on your skin. Razors in good condition will slice through your facial hair with ease. Don’t push down on your skin too hard or you’ll be more likely to cut yourself or cause painful irritation.

6.   Use a Daily Moisturizer

You have all the fundamentals — getting the right razor, finding a good shaving cream for men, exfoliating your skin and going with the grain. However, you must also focus on daily maintenance habits to keep your sensitive skin healthy. The most important thing is moisturization.

You must replenish your skin with nutrients every day so it has the strength to tolerate shaving and doesn’t develop acne. Malnourished skin is more likely to dry up, crack and become irritated. You should also eat more foods with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids to replenish your skin cells.

7.   Prioritize Your Hydration

This final tip is the simplest of them all — stay hydrated. It’s impossible to overstate how important hydration is to your skin’s health. When your skin has plenty of water, it’s soft, flexible and easy to shave on. Dehydration causes brittleness and makes shaving more difficult since the blade will drag.

The recommended daily amount of water is about 15.5 cups daily or 3.7 liters for adult men. Following this basic benchmark will do your skin a huge favor.

Enjoy a Better Shave and Healthier Skin

As long as you follow these essentials, shaving won’t be a hassle anymore. Get yourself a high-quality razor and shaving cream for men, add exfoliation to your routine, shave with the grain, moisturize your face daily and drink plenty of water. If you check these boxes, you’ll enjoy a better shave and healthier skin for years to come. Although choosing the right shaving cream for men might sound easy, there are a lot of bad options out there. Be sure to try our Signature Shave Cream for a high quality shaving experience.