SimpsonsLike handmade goods and understand that manufacturing quality products takes time?  Simpson Brush Company is the prime example of getting what you pay for when choosing a shaving brush.  Originated in London in the early 1900's (1919 to be exact), Simpon brushes are some of the highest quality shaving brushes money can buy.  Their simple and classic designs could be recognized around the world by their off-white handle colors and badger hair designs.  Simpson is a traditional company who hasn't ventured into the Vegan type shaving brushes which are generally made of synthetic materials compared to animal-based hairs.

Simpson provides different knot, loft and hair grades you can choose from which you are sure to find exactly what works well for your shaving needs.  The beauty of Simpson brushes is how much time and patience they put into making their shaving brushes by hand.  Each employee who works and overseas the brush making process ensures the quality of the hair fibers set into each brush will last for many years to come.  This means that you can use Simpson brushes for years without ever needing to replace it with another brush and also a low to no shedding frequency quality brushes have.

Simpson makes shaving brushes in the best, pure and super badger format which all have characteristics you should consider.  Our favorite Simpson brushes we recommend would have to be the Special S1 pure badger brush which is not only affordable but also a versatile brush you will love to use daily.  Berkeley, Duke and Beaufort brush lines from Simpson are also wonderful additions to your wet shaving goods.