How to Shave and Style When Dealing With Hair Loss

Traditional razors

There are a few signature moments in a guy’s life. Your graduation, first car and wedding are some positive events, but not-so-great ones like seeing your hair fall out are bound to happen. My older family members and friends are going through this now, so I know it’s only a matter of time before I do, too. When that time comes, I’ll be ready with these tips for shaving and styling when dealing with hair loss.

Shaving seems straightforward, but it gets more complicated when dealing with hair loss. Here are four tips for getting your shave right and looking your best.

Pick a Reliable Razor

The first step in shaving is to pick a reliable razor. Ideally, you’ll choose a manual razor with a sharp blade because you can get a closer shave. Traditional razors are less expensive and give you more control, which is why I prefer them. Also, you don’t have to worry about batteries or the power going out when it’s time to shave.

Be Conscious of Your Skin

Life would be easier if everyone had perfect skin, like in the shows and movies. However, that’s not the case for most. Be conscious of your skin, especially if it tends to be sensitive or dry. Find shaving creams specifically designed for sensitive skin because you’ll have a better time with them. For example, hypoallergenic shaving cream is likely to be easy on sensitive skin.

Another way to help your skin is to exfoliate ahead of shaving. The process is easier if you shower beforehand because hot water opens your facial pores and loosens your hair. Plus, it removes dirt and bacteria on your face for a quicker shave.

Shave Smart

Shaving is a natural task for most guys, but getting it right can be more complex than it sounds. For example, beard trimmers are useful when shaving because they thin out your hair before the blade hits the skin. If your hair is thinning, you might not need it in some areas. However, it’ll benefit you in the thicker sections of your hair.

Another pro-tip for shaving is to shave with the grain. Going against the grain is acceptable with steak and other meats, but it’s not conducive to your skin. Going with the grain is best for men with sensitive skin to reduce irritation. Thinning hair can be tricky to navigate on your head, so staying with the grain is best practice here as well.

Safeguard Your Scalp

Balding men tend to lose hair around their scalp, so this part of your head becomes more sensitive and vulnerable. Safeguarding it is essential for comfort and practicality. Now more than ever, you need to use shaving cream or another lubricant to prevent skin irritation.

During shaves or showering, use products better geared toward balding men. These typically lack fragrances and are more gentle on your scalp.

How to Style When Dealing With Hair Loss

If you’ve noticed your hair has begun to thin or fade away altogether, know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are over 200 different genes connected to male hair loss that we know of. Balding men can have styles just as good as anyone else. Use these four tactics for styling and care when experiencing hair loss.

Pick a Complementary Hairstyle

Hair loss doesn’t mean you have to shave it all off. You can still rock a nice head of hair with a hairstyle complementary to the amount on your head. These hairdos are terrific for balding men:

  • Buzz cut: If you want to shave it off, you’re welcome to. Pick your desired blade and get to your preferred level of thinness on the scalp. The cool breeze on your head feels incredible in the summer.
  • Modern army cut: Try the modern army cut — also known as the military fade — if you’re not ready to part from your hair yet. This hairstyle fits men with receding sides because it removes most of the hair without eliminating the top.
  • Ivy League cut: Thankfully, you don’t need a Harvard or Yale degree for the Ivy League cut. This style is apt for balding hair because of its short sides and back. The top of your hair is flexible, letting you style it however you see fit.

Wear a Hat

It’s OK to be picky about your hair. If you don’t like your haircut or how your hair looks during the day, consider wearing a hat. They’re a statement of style, letting you rep your favorite sports team or vacation spot. They can even be the finishing touches on your super outfit. For example, a black top hat looks great with a tuxedo.

While hats are typically for style, you can benefit from them. Hats are helpful in cold and rainy weather by keeping your body warm. Plus, the rain doesn’t help your thinning hair if you put time and effort into styling it.

Rock Some Jewelry

Jewelry is another way to distract from thinning and receding hairlines. Rocking gold chains takes the attention away from your head and brings people’s eyes to your chest.

Chains are a popular option for jewelry, but there are plenty of others on the table. Any man can find a bracelet, earring or ring to enhance their style. Donning a Rolex will distract anybody.

Grow Your Beard

Growing a beard is one of the best solutions to hair loss. Losing hair on one part of your head isn’t as bad when you can grow it on the opposite end. Bald men look great with beards because they demonstrate strength and wisdom, and bring character to your face. Plus, they project confidence and completely transform your appearance.

If you want your beard to distract from your hair, consider a unique style that draws the eyes down. For example, Viking beards are popular for guys who like the big, bushy look. You may think of Viking facial hair as unkempt, but historians say they kept well-groomed beards, whether short or long. Don’t rule out handlebar mustaches, unicorn beards and other unconventional styles to keep your beard perfectly weird.

Shaving Smart and Staying Stylish

Seeing bald spots or thinning hair can be challenging for men. While it’s not everyone’s preferred way of aging, there are ways to work around it. Use these tips for shaving and styling when dealing with hair loss.