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Brought to you by Original Shave Company, our Signature Shaving Cream brings you the best ingredients for the ultimate wet shave.  If you enjoy a thick lather that gets built up easily without using too much product, you will absolutely love this Signature Shaving Cream.  Custom formulated by our team in England, this 6oz (170g) tub is larger than most luxury shaving creams and will last through many shaves while performing extremely well with any shaving razor.

The scent of this shaving cream is refreshing and very addicting the second you unscrew the cap.  In fact, you may find yourself opening the cap multiple times a day just to get a quick sniff in.  Trust us, this isn’t unordinary by any means.  Although our Signature Shaving Cream was designed to be fresh and light, the scent does not vanish minutes after you complete your wet shave.  What makes our shaving cream a must try is how it isn’t an overwhelming scent filled with harsh ingredients.  Harsh ingredients usually follow you around for days while presenting an aggressive odor around family and friends.  Not good.

Perfectly capable of being used without a brush, all you would have to do is wet your face with warm water and apply a small drop of shaving cream across the beard growth and work in the product with your fingers until you get an even coverage.  If you love using shaving brushes like we do, this will enhance the experience with the Signature Shaving Cream even more.  For shaving brush applications, get your brush wet with warm water and remove excess water by squeezing it with your hand/fingers.  Apply a small amount of the Signature Shaving Cream to the brush and start rotating the brush in your shaving cup or bowl with quick rotations until you build up your desired lather.  You can use the screw on/off cap of the Signature Shaving Cream as a mixing bowl or cup if needed.  Start or even end your day feeling fresh, recharged and amazing with our Signature Shaving Cream.

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Signature Shaving Cream
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 6 reviews
 by Jay White
Great shaving cream!
Product Purchased: signature shave cream
Location: Carmel, Indiana

Fantastic shave cream! The lather is awesome and the scent is one of a kind. Will buy many more, thank you.

 by Ken Lauer
One of the best I have tried
Product Purchased: signature shaving cream
Location: Norfolk, VA

I have to say this is probably the nicest shaving cream I have ever experienced. The texture, scent, and lather are honestly amazing and intoxicating. I was skeptical about the price but now I see why it is what it is. To be honest, it's very worth it and I would find it hard to believe if everyone that gives it a shot isn't just as impressed as I am.

 by Fred James
Excellent lather and scent
Product Purchased: signature shaving cream
Location: Moab, Utah

I have purchased from this company before in the past and I decided to order some more safety razor blades for my Merkur. When speaking to the sales associate, he convinced me to try their signature shaving cream since it was their own special blend. I was promised to be blown away. They didn't lie. I have yet to find a better shaving cream with the lather formulation, scent and texture. After receiving my tub and trying it, I immediately ordered a couple more for my 2 brothers as well since they have recently started wet shaving. Amazing product and service gentlemen and please keep up the good work.

 by Ricky Fent
Love it!
Product Purchased: Signature Shaving Cream
Location: Park City, UT

I wanted more from my shaving cream so I thought I would give this blend a try. I get bored easily and have switched tons of shaving creams over the years because I like to mix up scents and brands. This signature shaving cream is best described as clean and youthful. Yeah, you heard me correctly, youthful. Although I'm no spring chicken, the scent and texture from this shaving cream made me feel 15 years younger. Give it a try and you will see what I'm talking about.

 by Ian Jonas
Very nice!
Product Purchased: signature shaving cream
Location: SF, CA

I gave this shaving cream a try after hearing about it on social media. I have to say, very impressive! The texture and shaving cream, in general, has me sold on buying a luxury soap versus the ordinary shaving tube I have been using for years. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

 by Ed Farnoush
Great product
Product Purchased: Signature Shaving Cream
Location: LV, NV

I'm very happy with this shaving cream. It lathered up better than my goto shaving cream (taylor of old bond sandalwood) and that has been a favorite of mine for a while! Please keep up the good work and release additional scents!

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