GilletteThe Gillette Company, which was founded in 1901 by King C. Gillette, has been an iconic shaving razor company and brand immediately recognizable today by its global customers.  Originally starting out with a one safety razor design when it first started, The Gillette Company grew its product line to different styles and shapes of safety razors and eventually made it's way to cartridge razor type shaving tools. Today, you could recognize the Gillette brand with different shaving creams, aftershaves razor versions and much more.

Proctor & Gamble (P&G), a large conglomerate, merged its business with The Gillette Company in 2005 and has provided shaving solutions to the world that has revolutionized the way men and women shave.  P&G, who also owns brands like Braun and Oral-B, has taken the Gillette Company to a level, which is very hard to compete with.  This is true at least in the shaving world of business.

So what makes Gillette so great?  Well, years of research, practice and different tested shaving applications that customers have grown to love.  Although shaving cartridges are expensive relative to a safety razor blade, Gillette still produces some of the best safety razor blades available today. This is unknown to many people. With the major popularity of cartridge razors, most forget that Gillette still produces fantastic quality safety razor blades. “The best a man could get” slogan/tagline for Gillette became vastly popular in the early 90’s for Gillette and has been a big hit from a branding standpoint due to many celebrities and sports stars such as Roger Federer promoting Gillette.

We recommend the Gillette Silver Blue safety razor blade due to it's sharp yet not too aggressive design which is proven to last many shaves on a single blade.  You will also love the Gillette Yellow sharp edge and Green super stainless steel safety blades. Not all these blades will be absolutely perfect for you so we recommend trying each of them to see which one you like most.