The benefits of using a pre shave oil when wet shaving

Pre Shave Oil

The benefits of using a pre shave oil when wet shaving

Most modern men do not use pre shave oil. In fact, many of those do not know the benefits of pre shave oil, or why some men use it before shaving. The reality of adding this one simple step to wet shaving is that of better results with a closer, smoother and less irritating shave.

What is pre shave oil?

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil
Taylor of Old Bond Street

A few drops of oil is applied across the surface of damp skin before shaving. It is not rubbed into the skin, instead left to only slightly absorb on its own. Shaving cream or shaving soap is then applied on top of the oil. When the razor glides across the surface of skin, shaving cream and unabsorbed pre shave oil is removed.

There are a multitude of benefits that using this type of oil provides:

  • Skin moisturization
  • Preparation of the skin for a closer, smoother shave
  • Protection of skin against razor blades
  • Softening of hair, making it easier to cut
  • Reducing drag of the razor on skin
  • Decrease of irritation from shaving
  • Fewer ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts
  • Reduction of razor burn

Pre-shave oil may be used with safety razors, disposable razor heads or straight edge razors.

Popular Pre-Shave Oil Formulas

While there is an immense variety of pre-shave oils on the market today, several standouts have gained a broad following among men of all ages and skin types.

BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel

BAUME.BE is a product of Belgium. The company’s founder has highly sensitive skin and set out on a quest to develop shaving products that would not irritate his skin, yet would provide a top quality shave. BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel is alcohol free, smells great and makes skin soft, hydrated and baby smooth.


Col Conk Pre Shave Oil
Col Conk

Col Conk Pre-Shave Oil
The Col Ichabod Conk line of shaving products has a colorful backstory many men love as much as they love the products, themselves. Col Conk Pre-Shave Oil coats and smooths skin by hydrating it before wet shaving, as the perfect primer beneath Col Conk Shave Cream in scents like Rio Grande Lavender.


Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil - Sandalwood
Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street is a favorite English shaving line. Walking down the streets of merry old England, you would likely encounter more than a few gents scented by Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood fragrance, particularly that of the brand’s Pre-Shave Oil.

Regardless of the pre-shave oil you ultimately select, adding this simple step to your wet shave regimen ensures your skin is well hydrated, smooth and closely shaven. The extra effort is something you will certainly appreciate, as the razor glides smoothly and provides fewer cuts, nicks, abrasions and ingrown hairs.