What Are The Different Types Of Razors?

Everyone likes a neat and clean appearance. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort to get that classic look. All you need is a good razor. There are different types of razors flooding the market. We’ll help you pick the right one.

Use in the stone age, the first known version of a razor was a shaving stone which was essentially a flaked obsidian.

The Egyptians used a rotary razor.

Shaving was adopted by Alexander’s troops. The Romans replaced the circular razor with a straight one.

Straight razor was most commonly used till the 20th century. This razor had a stainless steel blade that is sharpened on one side.

Next came the shavette, had a disposable blade. It is easy to use but less durable.

In 1880 came the first marketed safety razor. Safer to use than straight razor but required practice.

1903 saw King Gillette sell the first double edge safety razor which had edges and protective bars on both sides of the blade.

First disposable safety razor came in 1960. The entire razor is discarded after use over a period of time.

Then came the cartridge razor with disposable blades. whose head remained bent at a slight angle for a closer shave.

The foil electric razor run on batteries or can be recharged. For this, no shaving gel or foam is needed. Since the blades move back and forth, they don’t work well on facial curves.

Based on the same principle as the electric razor, the rotary electric razor has blades that rotate on the head. They are easy to use and work well on facial contours with minimum effect.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the infographic below.


Omega Shaving Brush Line Added To Original Shave Company

Omega Shaving Brush

Omega Shaving Brush Line Added To Original Shave Company

Original Shave Company is happy to introduce a new brand of shaving brushes to our selection from the fine brush makers of Omega. For those who don’t know about this iconic brand, Omega was founding in 1931 and has evolved with over 4 generations of family members who have taken their right at continuing a family legacy. The current owner, who is 90 years old and is still part of the daily operation, helps fellow family members run this establishment. As an Italian company who also makes painting brushes, Omega has been hard at work for decades to perfect the most amazing wet shaving brushes of all time.

Omega Professional Hog Shaving Brush - Red
Omega Professional Hog Shaving Brush – Red
Omega Professional Hog Shaving Brush - Black
Omega Professional Hog Shaving Brush – Black


What makes Omega different than other brush manufacturers is their keen ability to identify quality raw materials that go into the manufacturing process. Omega shaving brush options are offered in many different bristle types such as boar, hog, badger, synthetic and more. Omega has handcrafted each handle and brush with the most care and quality any passionate manufacturer would do. Using exquisite animal or synthetic bristles for vegan customers, Omega crafts these designs with solid wood and resin based handles, which are visually pleasing. These handles are made with the upmost attention to detail and reviewed thoroughly for flaws and defects. The Omega shaving brush lines come in different knot size and loft lengths which is guaranteed to please your wet shaving senses, no matter which type of shaving brush you prefer.


Omega Hi-Brush Synthetic Barber Pole Shaving Brush
Omega Hi-Brush Synthetic Barber Pole Shaving Brush
Omega Professional Hog Shaving Brush - Chrome
Omega Professional Hog Shaving Brush – Chrome

Omega shaving brush company also produces different shaving sets for different types of shaving tools such as cartridge razors, safety razors and more. Omega also has segmented their business in the women’s makeup brush market to completely diversify their product line. Original Shave Company is proud to offer high quality shaving essentials to passionate wet shavers around the world. Brands like Omega make it easy for us to succeed when they continue to produce the finest beauty instruments direct from Bologna, Italy.


How Using a Badger Shaving Brush Can Change Your Shaving Routine

How Using a Badger Shaving Brush Can Change Your Shaving Routine

Since the 1750s in France, men have enjoyed using shaving brushes like the badger shaving brush of today. To the French, this brush was known as a “blaireau.” This translates to “badger,” the origin of animal hair used for crafting finer shaving brushes.

Handles of the Badger Shaving Brush

Simpsons Shaving Brush - Berkeley 46 Pure Badger
Simpsons Shaving Brush – Berkeley 46 Pure Badger

The handle of a badger shaving brush is where most men focus their shopping attention, once deciding what quality of hair they seek. Some handles are made of porcelain, crystal, tortoise shell, gold or silver. Once upon a time, elephant tusks were used to make ivory handles, something no longer practiced today.

Throughout the history of the badger shaving brush, the handle is where status of a man using it could be made clear. These handles started to evoke individual personality, as much as affluence, in the 1800s. Men started to seek the most expensive and unique shaving brush handles they could afford, just so anyone who walked into their bathroom or boudoir and started snooping would know what kind of man he was, or how he wanted to be perceived.

Edwin Jagger SilverTip Badger Brush & Stand - 1EJ467SDS
Edwin Jagger SilverTip Badger Brush & Stand – 1EJ467SDS

Wet shaving is becoming as popular today as it was in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, when a badger shaving brush was a man’s coveted possession. Men have once again started shopping for the precise badger brush that reflects their individual personality, style and taste. Yes, some men even today seek to raise their status or assert it a bit, by seeking the most expensive shaving brush.

The irony is that an expensive shaving brush handle does not necessarily mean higher quality of the brush, itself. Quality actually lies in the badger bristles of a brush. In fact, modern synthetics used in handles of today’s badger brushes are far more durable and remain better looking over a longer period of time, than one of precious metal, tortoiseshell, brass, or other high value substance. Synthetic handles are less prone to breakage and moisture damage.

In fact, even the most expensive brushes are often crafted using some synthetic materials, such as nylon, urethane and plastic. So do not be fooled by a pretty handle. The quality is in the badger bristles.

Badger Brush Bristles

There are a variety of quality grades of badger brush hair available for shaving brushes. You will usually notice the following options, when shopping for a shaving brush made with badger hair:

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush - Pure Badger 81P26
Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush – Pure Badger 81P26

As you shop, you will notice that pricing is lowest for pure badger and progresses upward for the highest quality of Silvertip badger. Pure badger hair is the most common hair found on these animals, on about 60 percent of their bodies. Best badger hair covers about 20 to 25 percent of a badger’s body, so fewer of these hairs are available. These hairs are longer and lighter in color than pure badger hair. Super badger hair is graded and sorted for superior performance. These brushes tend to feel a bit softer than the pure or best badger versions. Silvertip badger brushes have naturally silver tips, a fluffier appearance and ability to hold more water.

When reviewing available badger shaving brushes to select your own, the best choice is to start with one at a level of quality you are comfortable with, then choosing the handle that best suits your personal taste, decor or stylish shaving kit. Badger shaving brushes last a long time. So you may gain years of wear from the one you choose now. Or, you may decide to upgrade your quality at some point or buy additional brushes for travel and other purposes. Regardless of the badger shaving brushes you ultimately choose, they will provide your best wet shaving experience for years to come.

Is using a shaving brush beneficial to your skin?

Shaving Brush

Is using a shaving brush beneficial to your skin?

Shaving brushes are one of the greatest inventions for mankind, when they are used properly. Well, maybe not “the greatest for mankind.” But a shave brush is undoubtedly a wonderful luxury any man can start using for better skin and a more luxurious shaving experience.

Why use a shaving brush instead of fingers?

Using a shaving brush for application of shaving cream or soap is far better than using fingers for a multitude of reasons. Among those:

  • Creation of greater, richer lather
  • Makes shaving cream, soap or gel last longer due to less being required for same results
  • Lifting of hair on the face in preparation for shaving
  • Opening of pores
  • Natural exfoliation of facial skin
  • Provision of a closer, better shave
  • Lower tendency toward irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn

Shaving Brushes Are Popular Again

Shaving brushes were used from the Edwardian era through the 1960s. They were then dropped for the quick, easy shave of disposable razors and canned shaving cream. Men lost their appreciation of a more luxurious shaving experience for a while, but are returning to their grandfathers’ methods. Shaving brushes are again popular, especially among men seeking to have the best looking skin and closest shave they can provide for themselves at home.

Shaving Brush
Shave Brush

When shopping for your own shaving brush, consider buying a badger hair shave brush. Badger hair provides the most authentic shaving experience along with benefits only badger hair fully provides. For people concerned about endangering badgers from the manufacturing of badger hair brushes, this is not something to be concerned about. Companies like Edwin Jagger pamper their badgers, with these animals living long lives of natural hair production for the company. Badgers are not harmed in the process.

Pure Badger Hair brushes have long been considered the best brushes for shaving. These use badgers’ soft, flexible hairs with fine tips that create a rich, smooth and creamy shaving cream lather. The bristles apply cream close to the skin for an equally close, irritation-free shave.

There are several types of badger hair brushes:

Best Badger Hair
Best badger hair brushes are also known as pure badger brushes. These brushes for shaving are the most common and popular type, with availability and standard craftsmanship reflected in a lower price than other types.

Super Badger Hair
Super badger hair brushes are high quality grade with the brushes being hand-filled with bristles. These have slightly longer and softer hairs than the Best or Pure variety. Tips of bristles are not trimmed and show a black band topped with white tips. These are considered excellent choices for a luxury shaving experience and quality skincare.

Silvertip Badger Hair
Using only the rarest, highest grade and softest of badger bristles, Silvertip brushes feature untrimmed ends with the tell-tale silver tips for which they are named. Of course, these are the most expensive due to being handmade of such optimum-quality hair.

Of course, synthetic brushes are great for shaving, too. These are usually a bit stiffer than natural bristles. They can be coarser, too. But they are quite inexpensive and perfect for a first-time user of a shave brush during shaving. You can certainly graduate to a timeless badger bristled brush after your love of wet shaving grows.