To beard or not to beard, that is the question.

Thinking about letting your facial hair grow wild? Let us break it down for you…


There’s one question that has plagued men since time immemorial: Are beards the best, or is a clean shave the way to go? Throughout the history of civilization, beards have gone in and out of style dozens of times. These days, men can choose their facial hair styles freely, but this freedom comes with a cost; as a modern man, you are burdened with the responsibility of deciding between shaving cream and beard oil whenever you shop for grooming goods online. In this guide, we’ll answer all your questions about beards, and we’ll help you make the hard decision between a smooth, clean shave and a beautiful beard dripping with beard oil.

Do Women Like the scruff?

beautiful woman

Let’s face it, guys: Most of the things we do, we do to impress members of the opposite sex. Whether we’re looking for girlfriends or trying to show our wives that we’ve got what it takes, we’re constantly on the lookout for new techniques to impress women with our rugged manliness.

However, do women like beards, or do they prefer the smoothness that comes after a meticulous wet shave? According to Psychology Today, the answer to this question is anything but simple. It seems that women prefer men with light stubble as long-term partners, but they view men with long beards as the most aggressive and socially mature. What’s more, women think that men with short facial hair are the most dominant.

The good news for men who like a nice wet shave or who have stocked up on a lifetime supply of shaving cream is that you have to shave relatively frequently to get the stubble that women desire in sexual partners. While women might not give you the time of day for the first 24 hours or so after you shave, once your clean shave wears off and your stubble sets in, the time will be right to hit the club or flex at the gym.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship or you’re trying to show the mother of your children that you’re an epic provider, however, you might want to ditch the shaving cream temporarily and invest heavily in beard oil. The research is clear that women see men with full facial hair as being more aggressive, dominant, and mature, and your committed partner might even lose respect for you if you say goodbye to beards and end it all with a luxurious wet shave.

While the allure of a clean shave might fit in well in a boardroom or a job interview, beards are the way to go if you want to hit it off with the ladies. Just don’t forget to keep some shaving cream on hand in case the science on this subject ever changes.

Long Beards vs. Neatly Trimmed Beards

Long Beard

Modern life can be hectic, and it can seem like you don’t have enough time for a wet shave every morning. Beards can look great in professional environments, but just make sure that you don’t overdo it.

No employer likes scraggly beards. This doesn’t mean that you should try to have a clean shave every time you show up for work, but you also shouldn’t let your facial hair run amok. In certain industries, long beards might be perfectly acceptable, but you should keep your facial hair well-trimmed no matter how long it gets.

There’s nothing worse than being forced to give yourself a wet shave after you suddenly learn your employer doesn’t like beards. If you like your beard, take care of it, or you might have to make a choice between a clean shave and losing your job sooner than you think.

Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds?

Groomed Beard

Please, we beg you: Don’t go for the neckbeard! Anything else, however, is fair game. Who said that you have to grow a long, scraggly beard? As long as you have a razor, there are a million and one different ways that you can creatively rock your facial hair.

Just because you have a beard doesn’t mean you have to abandon the luxury of a wet shave entirely. In fact, many men keep their beards in check by applying shaving cream to the areas around their necks and shaving every other day or so. Beards with clearly defined perimeters look more professional, and you can also use a straight razor or a safety razor to explore your facial hair possibilities to your heart’s content.

Straight Razor

Employers might like cleaner beards better than wild beards, and the ladies will appreciate the contrast between the ruggedness of your beard and its manicured edges. Just don’t get too creative; complicated mixes of facial hair and cleanly shaved skin look downright weird, and they’re hard to maintain day in and day out.

A World of Stylish Beards to Choose From

Every man should go down the bearded route at some point in his life. The question is, should you stop shaving now and let your beard go wild? As you debate the pros and cons of being bearded, consider some of the best beard styles that celebrities rock without a care in the world.

  1. The ZZ Top/Duck Dynasty Jungle
    These men know how to grow some serious facial hair! If you’ve ever been to a ZZ Top concert or watched an episode of Duck Dynasty, you probably stared in amazement at the waterfall of facial hair cascading off these famous celebrity faces. Not everyone can grow a beard like Dusty Hill or Phil Robertson, but if you can, you might as well flaunt it.
  2. The Mel Gibson Jehovah
    If it’s always been your dream to look like a biblical figure, you could learn a thing or two from Mel Gibson. This famous Hollywood actor and director has been cultivating his facial hair for decades now, and he so fully looks the part that it would only be natural to see Mel rolling in on a thundercloud shooting bolts of lightning from his fingertips. The Mel Gibson beard is anything but tame, but it’s polished enough to look right at home in a board room or a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  3. The Chris Hemsworth Stubble
    Remember what we said about women and stubble? Actor Chris Hemsworth pulls off this effect perfectly. While you’ll sometimes see Chris clean-shaven, he ditches the shaving cream just as frequently and lets a short beard grow out. If you want to remain popular with the opposite sex, just remember to give yourself a wet shave every week or so to keep things from getting out of hand.
  4. The LeBron James Masterpiece
    If you don’t mind taking half an hour out of your day to sculpt your face every day of the week, you might want to emulate the look that LeBron James has been perfecting. While he never lets his beard get much longer than thick stubble, he expertly deploys a clean shave around his mouth to disrupt the overpowering look that so many beards end up having.
  5. The Daniel Radcliffe Lounge
    This former Harry Potter lead proves that you can do a lot with very little. While the density of Radcliffe’s facial hair is nothing to write home about, his refusal to keep up with a daily wet shave has resulted in a thin layer of hair covering his upper lip and chin. Even if you can’t grow a full Mel Gibson beard, you can take a page from Daniel’s book and rock a short beard that will make you look as rugged and manly as possible.

Nobody Likes a Dirty Beard

Clean Shave

There’s a very simple reason many men end up avoiding beards altogether. The longer your facial hair becomes, the harder it is to maintain, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than a dirty beard. While beard oil keeps the skin under your beard healthy and makes sure that your facial hair stays nice and soft, applying this oil every day doesn’t do much to keep your beard clean.

If you want to make sure that your beard doesn’t get too dirty, you’ll need to wash it every day. Even though your facial hair is different from the hair on your head, you should use a beard wash and you may also want to bring a beard comb into the shower with you to make sure that you get all the accumulated gunk out of your facial hair.

Men with beards understand that having rugged facial hair requires constant vigilance. You have to be extra careful when you eat, and even spilled drinks can ruin the masculine appeal of your beard and drag strange smells with you wherever you go. Nonetheless, sporting an immaculately maintained beard is much more mainstream than it used to be, and as long as you can grow enough facial hair, the sky is the limit in terms of the epic beard styles you can try out.

What Are The Different Types Of Razors?

Everyone likes a neat and clean appearance. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort to get that classic look. All you need is a good razor. There are different types of razors flooding the market. We’ll help you pick the right one.

Use in the stone age, the first known version of a razor was a shaving stone which was essentially a flaked obsidian.

The Egyptians used a rotary razor.

Shaving was adopted by Alexander’s troops. The Romans replaced the circular razor with a straight one.

Straight razor was most commonly used till the 20th century. This razor had a stainless steel blade that is sharpened on one side.

Next came the shavette, had a disposable blade. It is easy to use but less durable.

In 1880 came the first marketed safety razor. Safer to use than straight razor but required practice.

1903 saw King Gillette sell the first double edge safety razor which had edges and protective bars on both sides of the blade.

First disposable safety razor came in 1960. The entire razor is discarded after use over a period of time.

Then came the cartridge razor with disposable blades. whose head remained bent at a slight angle for a closer shave.

The foil electric razor run on batteries or can be recharged. For this, no shaving gel or foam is needed. Since the blades move back and forth, they don’t work well on facial curves.

Based on the same principle as the electric razor, the rotary electric razor has blades that rotate on the head. They are easy to use and work well on facial contours with minimum effect.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the infographic below.

How Using Beard Oil Will Keep You Looking GQ

Edwin Jagger Beard Oil Sandalwood BOSW

How Using The Best Beard Oil Will Keep You Looking GQ

beard oilWhen thinking about growing a beard for the first time, many men believe that having a beard means cutting time off their daily grooming routine and being able to have a certain “devil may care” approach to just letting that facial hair grow wild. Little do they know that their beard will require just as much time and care as a freshly shaved face. With a beard, a whole new world of grooming products become staples, such as beard wash and beard oil.

You could say that beards are high maintenance. But that is only true if you want your beard to look good, your girlfriend to enjoy being close to you and your boss to not complain that you look too “wild” for the company image. Yes, having a beard takes effort. But making that effort appear effortless is what real beardsmen are about.  We will show you why getting yourself the best beard oil money can buy will pay off.


Beard Oil Is Your New Best Friend

Oil made specifically for the beard hydrates your beard and keeps it looking healthy, well-kept and handsome. It makes hair stronger, yet softer at the same time. Because this oil is meant for beards, it does not do what regular skin creams and lotion will do. Those products not made for beards have chemicals that damage fine facial hair and make it rough and unruly.

Beard oil also helps keep your skin healthy and moisturized underneath your beard. This is very important, even though no one can see your skin beneath all of that hair. Your skin needs moisture to keep growing your luscious facial locks and not become itchy. Keeping the itch away will help ensure you enjoy having your beard and do not decide in a fit of itch to just shave the whole thing off, as many men do.

Selecting Your Beard Oil

Edwin Jagger Beard Oil - Limes & Pomegranate - BOLP
EJ, model BOLP is the Best Beard Oil

While oil is a longtime favorite of many men, some prefer beard balm. That is a personal choice and the two are generally interchangeable as part of the grooming routine. People who do not like a heavy, greasy feeling usually prefer oil. Those who like the more solid form of beard balm and can keep it from getting too heavy or greasy use the balm.

A favorite beard care brand for many men is Edwin Jagger. Edwin Jagger beard care products are available in a variety of scents, such as the Sandalwood Edwin Jagger Beard Oil or Limes and Pomegranate Edwin Jagger Beard Oil.

Formulated with natural ingredients and organically cultivated plants, Edwin Jagger brand products, including the oil, are great for your skin beneath your beard and tame facial hair into a well-coiffed tribute to beardsmanship. Hair becomes stronger and shinier, while skin is moisturized and remains hydrated longer.

Applying the Oil

Four or five drops of oil into the palm of your hand is sufficient for daily beard maintenance. That is, unless your beard is longer than average. Experiment with how much oil you use, keeping in mind that it is always easier to add more moisture than to take excess away. So do not go too wild and crazy with too much oil.

When you have oil in your palm, rub your hands together to work it all over both hands and warm it a little. Then start at the bottom of your beard and work your fingers and hands through the hair, reaching the skin to hydrate it well. When your beard is moisturized, apply some of the oil to your mustache. Finally, use a brush, wide-toothed comb, or beard comb to evenly spread the oil throughout your facial hair. This combing will ensure there are no hair knots and leave your beard looking well-groomed and smooth.

Have questions on the use of the best beard oil?  Just contact us and we will get back to you right away.

How Using The Best Beard Oil Could Make All The Difference

Edwin Jagger Beard Oil Sandalwood BOSW

How Using The Best Beard Oil Could Make All The Difference

Growing a beard is a major undertaking. You start out thinking it will enable you to be a little more footloose and “fancy free” than the rigors of daily shaving. Soon after your bread sprouts, however, you realize that is not necessarily true. A beard does not absolve you of daily grooming routine. Instead, your routine just changes. Part of this routine lies in ensuring you have some of the best beard oil on hand.

The best beard oil for your needs will be more than just a nice scent to rub through facial hairs. The best oil is one that nourishes your beard, helping it to grow well and look great. Beard oil also nourishes the skin beneath your beard, so those follicles can continue doing the great job of making you a beardsman.

Best Beard Oil for New Growth Beards

best beard oilWhen your beard first starts to grow, you need to nourish your skin and hair to keep them healthy and growing strong. But you do not need the weight of a beard oil designed for keeping unruly hairs in place.

A good beard oil for this stage is also one that helps you get through the phase many men do not make it through without grabbing the nearest razor and going back to their old daily routine. That is, the itchy, uncomfortable emergence of facial hairs. For this, you need a beard oil that soothes.

Ingredients to look for in beard oil for this phase of growth are vitamins A, B, D and E. Proteins and fatty acids are also great for repairing damaged hairs and getting into the follicles to stimulate healthy growth.

Best Beard Oil for Medium Growth

When your beard has grown to one-half to 1.5 inches, you are in the most comfortable phase of beard growth. This is when living is easy and maintenance is almost as carefree as possible. This phase is so carefree that you can use just about any beard oil weight and quality. During this phase, scent and moisturizing are the most important factors. You still want to keep your skin hydrated, follicles stimulated and existing hair length nourished.

A great option for medium growth beards is Edwin Jagger Beard Oil in Sandalwood.

Best Beard Oil for Full Growth

Edwin Jagger Beard Oil Sandalwood BOSWWhen your beard reaches more than 1.5 to 3 inches, it starts taking on a life of its own. It decides which direction it wants to lie and how much the hairs behave. Much like a two year-old toddler, it may take some effort to keep your beard in line at this stage.

Heavier oil works best for full growth beards. This weighs the hairs down and keeps them from sticking out in all directions. It also continues to nourish and hydrate skin and the hairs for continuing good health. Edwin Jagger Beard Oil in Limes and Pomegranate is a great choice.

Best Beard Oil for Long Beards

When your beard is over three inches long, you start becoming as popular as a set of twins. Wherever you go, people remark about your beard. This is a time when heavy oils are important. You will also need to apply more of the oil to ensure these older, longer hairs do not start acting like rebellious teenagers.