Best Steps Needed To Get A Close Shave

Close Shave

Best Steps Needed To Get A Close Shave

Looking for a really close shave? Feeling too much stubble right after putting down the razor? Below are some tips for getting your best close shave:

Exfoliate Before Shaving

A great, close shave starts with exfoliation. This is because skin does not feel smooth unless you ensure it is actually smooth at the molecular level. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, leaving baby soft smoothness behind.

There are several ways to exfoliate before shaving. Using a facial scrub can buff away old cells, dirt and oil that hold whiskers down and restrict your razor’s performance. Shaving also exfoliates dead skin cells away. But for a great shave exfoliate first so your razor can do what it is meant to do for whiskers.

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Prepare Well for Your Shave to Prevent Razor Bumps

To get a great shave without razor bumps, prepare for your shave properly. Wash and exfoliate your face and thoroughly hydrate your facial hair with warm water. Spend three minutes applying nicely warmed water to your face to most fully hydrate the hair.

Next, apply a quality shave gel like BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel. This gel is designed to help the razor properly glide over skin’s surface. It also softens hair and prevents cuts and abrasions. The gel helps hair hold the hydration you just applied, before shaving cream is applied.

Apply an Ample Amount of Quality Shaving Cream

Edwin Jagger Shaving Cream Bowl Sandalwood SCSWUse a badger bristle shaving brush like the Simpsons Berkeley 46 Pure Badger to create a foamy lather from quality shaving cream.

While you prepare to start your shave, fill your sink with hot water. As the sink fills allow the badger bristle shaving brush to soak in the sink so the bristles may absorb warm water. After allowing all excess water to run off the the bristles, dance your badger bristle shaving brush around the surface of shaving cream like Mr. Taylor’s Shaving Cream Bowl by Taylor of Old Bond Street. Use circular motions to create a rich, frothy foam. Apply the foam to your face that has been exfoliated, hydrated and prepared using pre-shave gel.

Use an Advanced Razor for Your Best Shave

The best shave starts with the skin and hair preparatory process. Clearly, however, a quality razor is also an important part of the close shave equation. If you like the convenience of disposable blades, an Edwin Jagger Fusion Razor can provide the convenience of a close shave using a multi-blade disposable with the elegance and experience of a beautifully designed razor.

Shave in the Right Order

To get the closest shave where it counts, save the most aggressively growing areas for last. Start shaving on your cheeks, jawline and neck. Allow extra time for the shaving gel to soak into hair around your mouth by saving that part of your shave for last. This will allow the gel to work its magic on the coarse hairs around this area, making them easier to cut and enabling a close shave.

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Keep Your Blades Sharp

Most men who use disposable blades use them too long and don’t ever achieve the closest shave. Change blades when you feel any discomfort, tugging or dragging. Inspect your blades before shaving to ensure they appear in good condition. Use them for the amount of time recommended on the label and replace according to those specifications. Even more importantly, do not share your razor. Each person in the household should have their own personal razor.

If you don’t have shaving supplies yet to kick off your wet shaving journey, you may want to consider how choosing the perfect men’s shaving kit might be just what you are looking for.