Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor


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Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor


The unique style of a Japanese style blade and handle is second to none.  Feather knows this and has produced this top quality shaving tool for many years.  The beauty of the Feather artist club dx Japanese razor is it’s fixed handle design and steady sculpting capabilities that are built directly into the razor.  Using super sharp shavette style razor blades, this artist club razor will smoothly glide across your face and cut the thickest follicle with or without the use of shaving cream or soap.  Be sure to use only the best blades for this device which is also made by Feather.  We recommend the Professional series blades for this DX razor.

When comparing the DX series to the SS series, you will immediately notice that the weight and angle of the blade is different.  With the DX line of razors, you get a SUS316 stainless steel blade which is crafted to perform for the best beauty professionals around the world.  If you demand the best shaving tool and are willing to invest in this style of Japanese razor, you will never regret the decision you make since this razor will outlast any other shaving tool as long as it’s cared for properly.  Made of quality steel which blocks harsh chemicals or rust caused from sitting water, the Feather artist club dx Japanese razor will quickly become a razor you can use daily and with ease.

The handle of the Feather artist club dx Japanese razor is made with elastomer resin which has a perfect grip and is perfect for not slipping out of your hand.  This is especially true if you use a lot of lathered soap or shaving cream during the wet shaving process.  The elastomer material is also capable of resisting heat up to 275•F.

Own part of an iconic company that has been making sharp shaving tools for the beauty industry and for those who demand the best quality for almost 100 years.  Weight: 45g.

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