Build Your Own Bundle – Mach3 Razor Package


Exclusive to the, you can custom design your very own bundled package and have the combination of perfect men essentials which include but is not limited to Mach3 razors, shaving brushes, pre-shave essentials, shaving creams/soaps, after shave essentials and much more!

For men who love the close, convenient shave of a Gillette MACH3 razor, this great MACH3® bundle personalizes and streamlines your shaving experience with elegance. Gillette MACH3® razor heads feature three blades designed to prevent friction and remove hair without irritation. Known for their comfort and performance, Gillette MACH3® razor heads employ comfort guard microfins to smooth skin, ensuring even shaving with less effort. A lubrication strip turns from blue to white when it is time to change blades.

To get started on your custom Gillette MACH3® shaving bundle, simply select the MACH3 razor that calls your name.  With different handle materials and the same classic MACH3 head, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Select your shaving brush from brands such as Simpsons, Col Conk, Edwin Jagger and many more. Together, these brands provide options of synthetic and pure badger bristle brushes with handles, quality and accessories suited to your style.Pre-shave gel is a step in shaving many men overlook. But for the best, closest shave, prep your skin and soften hairs using your preferred pre-shave gel by featured brands.

Creating the perfect foam using your hand selected shaving brush and choice of soap, cream, bowl or tube is what you imagined doing when you were a kid. This is the fun part, building a lather to support perfectly executed shaving strokes using your razor.

After shave lotion or balm is the finishing touch for your face after completion of your perfect shave. Select from classic scents and brands known throughout the world as some of the quintessential after shaves.

Finally, drip stands, cologne, alum bars and other accessories are available if you would like to accent your perfect shave with any of these optional items.

If you’re the type of person who wants it all, you have officially found it.  Get a discount on this package by bundling your very own kit which discounts each item below the price of what you would pay if you purchased them individually.  When you bundle, you save.  So what are you waiting for, Bundle & Shave® now!