Shaving Tips for Men With Sensitive Skin

Shaving facial hair is an uncomfortable experience for men with sensitive skin. Redness and irritation set in almost immediately after the razor touches your skin, making it practically impossible to finish the job. Then, when your face finally recovers, it’s time to shave again. If you have fallen into this vicious cycle, these shaving tips will be your saving grace.

shaving cream for men

1.   Choose the Right Razor

First and foremost, you must choose the right razor to get a clean shave. A cheap disposable version isn’t doing your skin any favors. The blades must be sharp so they glide over your face and slice through the hairs without aggravating the follicles and roots beneath the skin. There are two razor categories to choose from:

  • Manual: Manual razors are the traditional options, containing one to six blades. The best type is the single-blade straight razor that men have used since ancient times. Fewer blades equal a closer shave and less irritation.
  • Electric: Electric razors are also serviceable for sensitive skin, especially if they have blade attachments that naturally conform to your face’s shape. You’re also less likely to make a mistake or cut yourself with an electric razor.

A manual razor will be the better choice for most sensitive-skinned guys. Electric razors require you to perform a dry shave, which increases the risk of skin irritation and often leads to acne. Additionally, the dozens of tiny blades on electric razors are more likely to scrape off dermal cells and dry your skin.

On the other hand, combining a simple manual straight razor with shaving cream for men will make the experience as comfortable as possible. Your skin will stay cool, and the solitary blade will have no trouble cutting through stubborn hairs.

2.   Keep the Blades Clean

Once you find the perfect razor, you must do your best to keep the blades clean. Even the best razor blades will cause skin irritation after a few shaves. Once they get dull, you need to sharpen them or replace them with new blades. This type of maintenance requires in-depth knowledge of your razor’s various parts and how they’re supposed to work.

If you choose an electric razor, you must lubricate the blades instead of sharpening them. Most electric razor kits come with a small container of mineral oil. Just put a few drops of oil on the blades at every shave and your razor will last for the foreseeable future. Having a full charge will also make the process easier on your skin.

No matter which razor you choose, the overarching goal is the same — always keeping the blades clean. Don’t let them accumulate dead skin and old hairs. Take a few minutes out of your day to sharpen or lubricate the blades for the sake of your skin’s health.

3.   Exfoliate Before Shaving

Now it’s time to get down to shaving. Exfoliate your skin before applying shaving cream. Showering or washing your face with warm water removes dirt and bacteria and washes away dead skin particles. It also opens up your facial pores, loosening up the hairs so they dislodge more easily.

All these benefits combine to make your skin as smooth as possible. Smooth skin will allow the blades to move around without obstruction. Your first time shaving after exfoliating will be nothing like your previous experiences. As long as you use the proper shaving technique, there will be no nicks, redness or swelling.

4.   Add Shaving Cream or Oil

You can finally apply your shaving cream once you’ve exfoliated. However, you shouldn’t use your hands because they’re oily and abrasive. Instead, you should use a shaving brush with fine hairs to apply the cream. It will be softer and stimulate blood flow beneath the skin to help with the exfoliating process.

You can also create a homemade beard oil recipe with anti-inflammatory essential oils such as clove, peppermint and cinnamon. Some people also use baby or olive oil to smooth the skin before shaving. Store your homemade beard oil at room temperature and monitor it for freshness.

5.   Shave With the Grain

Before applying your favorite shaving cream for men, take a moment to learn the correct way to shave. Some men can get away with shaving from any angle, but guys with sensitive skin always need to go with the grain. Facial hair usually grows downward around the mustache, chin and cheeks, but it also grows upward on the neck. Study your beard’s growth patterns and determine which way you’re supposed to shave.

You also need to apply the right amount of pressure on your skin. Razors in good condition will slice through your facial hair with ease. Don’t push down on your skin too hard or you’ll be more likely to cut yourself or cause painful irritation.

6.   Use a Daily Moisturizer

You have all the fundamentals — getting the right razor, finding a good shaving cream for men, exfoliating your skin and going with the grain. However, you must also focus on daily maintenance habits to keep your sensitive skin healthy. The most important thing is moisturization.

You must replenish your skin with nutrients every day so it has the strength to tolerate shaving and doesn’t develop acne. Malnourished skin is more likely to dry up, crack and become irritated. You should also eat more foods with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids to replenish your skin cells.

7.   Prioritize Your Hydration

This final tip is the simplest of them all — stay hydrated. It’s impossible to overstate how important hydration is to your skin’s health. When your skin has plenty of water, it’s soft, flexible and easy to shave on. Dehydration causes brittleness and makes shaving more difficult since the blade will drag.

The recommended daily amount of water is about 15.5 cups daily or 3.7 liters for adult men. Following this basic benchmark will do your skin a huge favor.

Enjoy a Better Shave and Healthier Skin

As long as you follow these essentials, shaving won’t be a hassle anymore. Get yourself a high-quality razor and shaving cream for men, add exfoliation to your routine, shave with the grain, moisturize your face daily and drink plenty of water. If you check these boxes, you’ll enjoy a better shave and healthier skin for years to come. Although choosing the right shaving cream for men might sound easy, there are a lot of bad options out there. Be sure to try our Signature Shave Cream for a high quality shaving experience.

Grooming and Confidence: Five Great Tips

Men's Grooming


It feels good to like the face in the mirror. Taking care of your personal grooming can make a huge difference in your self-confidence and in turn, your quality of life. A lot of men struggle with finding a style that’s their own or don’t know where to start. In this article, we’ll look at five great tips that can help you look and feel like your best self.

1.       Take Time on Your Appearance Every Day 

Little is more devastating to your self-confidence than being disheveled and looking like you’re coming off a three-day bender on your way to the coffee shop or the store. Wrinkled clothing, matted hair, we’ve all been there, you know the look. The good news is that tidying yourself up doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Spending a few minutes each morning in front of the mirror can make a huge difference.

Your hair is a great place to start. We’ll touch on hairstyles later when you’ve got the cut you like. Focus on keeping your hair healthy for now. It’s important to keep your hair clean, but many shampoos contain parabens and other ingredients that can strip away helpful oils that your skin and hair need. This can leave your hair dry and possibly cause an itchy scalp and dandruff. Try to find a shampoo that’s free of dyes or parabens, and see if using it every other day helps you to maintain a healthier head of hair.

Another simple thing to keep in mind is dental hygiene. Having bad breath or things stuck in your teeth is embarrassing and preventable. Brush your teeth after each meal and try to floss every day—it will do wonders for your smile. If you’re a big coffee or tea drinker, there are many remedies to bring the sparkle back to your smile, like whitening pens or toothpaste.

Finally, be aware of your body odor. Make sure to apply an antiperspirant deodorant if it’s hot out, you’re exercising vigorously, or if you’re just prone to heavy perspiration. Then find a cologne that you like to give you that “signature scent,” but don’t apply it too heavily. A dab on the neck and wrists will suffice. Body odor is something that others tend to notice pretty quickly, and nothing destroys self-confidence quite like being told you smell bad.

2.       Change Up Your Hairstyle!

Is your style working for you? If not, it may be time to make a change. Your hair is one of the first things people will see and notice about you. If you’ve been walking around with the same haircut for a long time, consider switching up your hairstyle. A fresh new haircut can boost your confidence and do wonders for your personal appearance. Check up on what’s in style, and take a look at some of the most popular men’s hairstyles of 2022.

Once you’ve found a style that suits you, make sure to properly care for your hair as discussed above. You don’t want to get a great haircut only to have poor quality products and bad grooming habits make it look less than stellar. If you find you’re having trouble growing full hair for the look that you’re considering, or you feel that your hair is too thin to achieve the style, you may want to talk to your doctor about a solution like topical minoxidil. It’s not uncommon to experience thinning hair as you get older. Treating these issues early on can help to combat the effects of aging and male pattern baldness, and help you achieve the style you want..

No matter the type of hair you have, from short, neatly trimmed cuts to long flowing hair, there is almost certainly a style that fits you. Ask your barber for suggestions or try a few different looks if you’re not sure!

3. Try Growing a Beard!

If you’ve been browsing around and looking at articles on personal grooming, you’ve probably heard a lot of differing opinions on this subject. Some will say to ditch the beard, while others will encourage short, neatly trimmed facial hair. So who’s correct?

Having a beard will be more work; that much is for sure. But overall, this is going to be up to personal preference. Some people don’t like the feeling of facial hair or simply don’t like the way their face looks with a beard or mustache. However, if you’ve never tried growing a beard, you can’t know what you’ll look like with one! Fortunately for you, we’ve broken down the positives and negatives of facial hair and whether or not a beard is right for you.

If you do decide to try growing a beard, make sure that you keep it clean, styled, and well-kept. Letting your facial hair grow wild will only add to a messy appearance.

4. Take a Closer Look at Your Face

If you like your hairstyle and you’re satisfied with your facial hair, it may be time to take a closer look at your complexion. Is your skin clear and smooth? Or do you have acne and bags under your eyes? If you’re serious about looking your best, taking care of your face is a crucial part of your grooming routine.

One of the most important components of good skin care is keeping your hands clean. Whether you realize it or not, you touch your face fairly often, and the dirt and oils on your hands can clog the pores on your skin and give you an oily complexion or even breakouts. When washing your face, pick a good cleanser that fits your skin type, be that oily or dry. Try using warm water rather than hot, as hot water can open up pores too much and cause them to fill with oils and debris. If you suffer from dry skin, you’ll want to stick with a cleanser that has a moisturizer. If you have a lot of oil and are prone to breakouts, you may want to look into a cleanser with salicylic acid.

5. Change Up Your Wardrobe

Have you been wearing the same clothes for the past few years? Quarantine has caused a lot of us to not put too much thought into how we dress on a daily basis, especially for those that work from home. Now that the world is starting to open back up and return to normal though, you don’t want to be wearing that same t-shirt and jeans you’ve had since 2016. It might be time to upgrade your wardrobe. There are a lot of options to choose from, but the process doesn’t have to be daunting. There are a lot of great resources, including sites that let you choose what you like and suggest outfits for you based on your preferences and tastes. One of the great things about style trends today is the vast variety of clothing that’s considered ‘in style.’ From classy ’60s style blazers and button-ups to the jeans and flannels of the ’70s all the way to the argyle sweaters of the 80s. If you can rock it with confidence, it’s probably stylish. You don’t have to spend a ton of money either; try out thrift stores and consignment shops to find a look that suits you and wear it with pride.

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to take care of your physical appearance. It’s a great feeling to look in the mirror and like what you see. With people spending less time outside and going to social events, the last couple of years has started to make people think less about personal grooming. The days of ‘clean shirt, pants optional’ are coming to a close. However, if you want to feel your best, then you’ll want to look your best.

Why More Men Are Using High-Quality Beauty Cosmetics

Men's Shaving

Thanks to the evolution of social media and the power of suggestion, the “metrosexual” is making a comeback. This hybrid form of masculine man looks as polished and preened as well-dressed women, and there is an additional factor that is now coming into play for men which is the adoption and use of high-quality beauty cosmetics.

From eyeliner to blush and moisturizer, men want to look and feel their best as they step out the door too. Gone are the days when shaggy beards are considered acceptable wear; men want to tailor their looks and be properly manicured when it comes to presenting themselves for public view. Why is this?

Dad’s habits aren’t cutting it anymore

Most of us have been taking our grooming cues from Dad, and although that worked for some time, we want more of a piece of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry that makes you ladies look and smell so good. Most dads weren’t the greatest teachers when it came to methods of shaving, aftershave, and moisturization; they would show rather than to educate, and it was up to us to figure out the semantics. It wasn’t enough to watch him use a safety razor, or to wave the shaving brush around in imitation of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, we needed some tutoring. Some of us were successful, some of us were left in the dust. At some point, we decided that we needed more out of our grooming routine.

We desire to be more attractive

Hollywood and media have really raised the bar when it comes to what is possible for men and beauty. Simply put, we want to make ourselves attractive to our mates, and we want to be competitive when it comes to appearing desirable to others. The array of products and services that are now available to women AND men make it easier to find things that enhance our natural, god-given attributes. Look out, ladies, you might just have some competition in the being attractive department.

Men want to be manicured and stylish too

More and more frequently, men are looking to shave companies to get a manicured look and healthy skin that exudes confidence. A straight razor kit that arrives magically at your home is now available from companies such as, Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. These clubs are taking the men’s cosmetic industry by storm.

Clean, close shaves and healthy-looking skin are something that most guys want nowadays; gone are the days when a quick shave with a safety razor does the trick; men want more from their grooming routines. These popular shave clubs and the products they offer including a straight razor kit, shaving brush, and aftershave are quite common, and they come to your doorstep for a fraction of the price that a professional shave at a salon would cost you. More and more men are signing up for these clubs in anticipation of cleaner, healthier, smoother skin than ever before.

A typical skincare package for men

Regardless of the store you choose to purchase from, there are some essentials that come in most basic kits; men’s beauty care items that you can use to improve both your complexion and your toiletry collection. These items include:

1. Straight razor kit

These kits cater to the man who just wants to get business done in the bathroom, and they don’t fancy themselves needing the extra fluff and frills that come with some kits. A word of caution, though—these kids should only be used by experienced shavers; those with less experience or a more rugged terrain should consider the use of a safety razor to eliminate unsightly bumps and cuts.

2. Safety razor

Safety Razor Kit

When you are feeling a little unsteady, or if you do not have a lot of experience with shaving, consider using a safety razor to help reduce irritation. You’ll still get the clean, close shave of a regular razor, but you won’t have all of the added stress of trying not to cut yourself when you are in a hurry.

3. Shaving brush

Shaving Brush

A shaving brush is perfect for slathering on rich, foamy shaving cream; it will help to stimulate blood flow beneath the skin and get rid of dead skin cells that might dull your complexion. Make sure to rinse the brush out thoroughly in between uses.

4. Aftershave


After you have subjected your skin to a wet shave, it is always a good idea to apply aftershave. You’ll soothe irritation, condition your cleaned skin, and with unique blends of botanicals and essential oils, you’ll look and smell great!

Men want to look and feel their best, even when on a budget. Rock your beautiful self, and look forward to using all of the wonderful products that are at your disposal to uncover your most attractive and vibrant you!

Proper Groomsman Etiquette: 10 Tips on how to make a lasting impression with everyone.

Even though it isn’t your big day, you’ll still be expected to put your best foot forward when your close friend ties the knot. Being a groomsman isn’t just about being selected as one of your friend’s wingmen at his wedding; this role also comes with a lot of responsibilities that you’ll need to keep in mind as you kick back and relax. Check out our top 10 tips for being the best groomsman you can be when you’re called upon to fulfill this important function.

1. Show up Looking Nice


There’s no such thing as a grungy groomsman. If you show up not looking your best, there’s no doubt that someone with a conscience will ask you to go home or clean up. To avoid any potential embarrassment, it’s important to make sure that you look nice before you show up to the event.

In all likelihood, you will have attended a wedding rehearsal the night before, and you already know the types of clothes you’ll be wearing and the degree of decorum that’s to be expected. Even if you’re well-rehearsed in the aesthetic requirements of the day, it’s still possible to slip up at the real event, so don’t let your guard down.

If you have a beard, consider trimming it, and if you don’t, make sure you shave in the morning and put on a nice-smelling (but not too overpowering) aftershave. Men often overlook their nails, but if you have any dirt or grime under your fingernails, you’ll need to clean it out. In fact, it’s best to simply cut your nails on the day of the wedding or the night before to make sure that there are no places for grime to hide.

Make sure that your face is pimple-free, lightly moisturize your skin, and most importantly, make sure that your hair is up to par. While you don’t want to overshadow the groom’s epic haircut, you also don’t want to show up looking shaggy.

2. Be a Grown-up

Your friend’s wedding is going to be an exciting event. There will be lots of people you haven’t seen for a long time, and as the gang starts coming together, you guys might feel the urge to get up to your old hijinks and start roughhousing like a bunch of tournament winning high school buddies.

However, you’re all men now, and it’s important to convey an air of gravitas as you help your friend prepare for one of life’s biggest journeys. No one expects you to act like you’re at a funeral, but tossing the groom into a fountain is off-limits too. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid doing anything that will mess up your clean-cut looks or your outfit (especially if you’ve rented a tux).

This rule even applies to the way you sound. Don’t go so far as to be demure, but try not to laugh too loudly, and fart jokes are definitely party fouls when you’re a groomsman. Stay your buoyant self, but save most of the silliness for the reception where you can let loose a little more.

3. Monitor Your Drinking


If your friend’s wedding is anything like similar events, there will be lots of booze flowing around. With champagne flutes on every table, or a bucket of silver bullets depending on the type of wedding you’re at, it will be your base instinct to pick a new one up whenever you drain the flute you have. However, this tactic can quickly lead to a level of inebriation that’s unbecoming of a man who has been selected to be a groomsman.

It’s true that a little bit of alcohol will loosen you up and help you interact with other guests, but there’s a limit to how loose you should get. If you can, limit yourself to a single drink every hour, and whatever you do, make sure to keep a close watch on your intake and observe yourself for any signs of excess drunkenness.

If it comes right down to it, remember the location of the nearest bathroom or private space where you can escape to sober up for a few minutes. Don’t forget that losing your lunch in a public area means you’ve failed as a wingman whether you’re out at the club or your best friend’s wedding.

4. Don’t Be Embarrassing

As a groomsman, you’re expected to be excited and have fun. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should blurt things out at random just to show what a great time you’re having. Everyone remembers being at a groan-worthy wedding where every groomsman’s speech was laced with profanity and bodily humor.

Even if all of your buddies are getting on the embarrassment train, hold yourself back. When you look at the wedding videos later and see that you were the only one to keep your cool, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

5. Be Aware of Cameras


Cameras are everywhere at weddings, and the last thing you want is to have a bunch of videos of you picking at your crotch or with your finger in your nose. While you should be on the lookout for candid cameras, you should also be aware of photos and videos being taken near you for another reason.

As an integral player in the wedding, you’ll be expected to take part in a variety of photo opportunities, and you definitely won’t be the only one who gets left out of important pictures or who slows everyone else down as you stumble toward your designated spot in the frame. While you might get sick of all the pictures after a while, remember that you’ll treasure those snapshots for years to come.

6. Prepare a Statement

Like it or not, you’ll be expected to say something in front of everyone at some point during the celebration. While you might not be used to public speaking, you’ll still need to come up with a witty, poignant, and to-the-point statement that will encapsulate your history with and feelings for the groom.

It definitely isn’t a good idea to wing it, but it’s an even worse idea to recite a dry and boring speech that doesn’t sound as good out loud as it does on paper. As you write, practice reading your statement aloud, and add embellishment to any areas that you think could sound better.

When pressed to keep everybody entertained, many groomsmen make the mistake of going for shock value and saying something raunchy. Don’t be that guy. This is an important occasion for your friend, and you don’t want to be remembered as the groomsman who ruined it by humiliating the groom or the bride.

7. Be Sociable

As a groomsman, you’ll be expected to be a social butterfly. Members of the wedding party have the responsibility of maintaining social cohesion throughout a wedding, and you’ll need to do your part by introducing yourself to as many guests at the party as possible. Compliment all of the young ladies on their dresses, and offer to get drinks or snacks for any tottering grandmas you see wandering around. In short, be the pillar of the celebration, and show your manliness by shouldering social responsibility in as many ways as possible.

However, there’s a point where being sociable goes too far. Don’t insert yourself into situations where you aren’t invited, and whatever you do, don’t make things awkward. Stay approachable and friendly, but be wary of becoming friendlier than other people can handle.

8. Reminisce within Reason

As you make small talk with the other guests at the wedding, you won’t need to limit your conversation to sports or the weather. You are a groomsman, after all, which means that you’re expected to know a thing or two about the groom.

Prepare a couple of fun anecdotes to tell as you ingratiate yourself with guests on both sides of the aisle. Childhood memories, sporting adventures, and other PG-rated escapades are all fair game. Try to leave out tales of drinking and carousing, however; they tend to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the guests you’re trying to impress at your buddy’s wedding.

9. Don’t Forget to Say Thank You


You’ve been given a great honor by being made a groomsman. The groom has recognized you as an asset to his wedding, and the bride has made it apparent that she likes you enough to go along with the plan. Don’t forget to thank the bride and the groom, and while you are at it, thank their parents too.

10. You’ll Need to Give a Gift Too

As a groomsman, you’re part of the wedding party, but you’re still a guest. Forgetting to bring a gift to your friend’s wedding is a big faux pas, but it’s even worse to get a present that’s just for the groom. Make sure that the gift you choose is something that both the bride and the groom will love equally.

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