7 steps on how to shave correctly

how to shave

7 steps on how to shave correctly

So you have your safety razor in hand and now just keep looking down at it wondering how to shave. It sounds like a silly question, but using a safety razor for a wet shave is not the same as using a cartridge razor. We’re here to help. Below is a quick seven-step guide to how to shave using your new safety razor. Just gear up and go!

shaving with a straight razor
Shaving with a straight razor

1. Determine your hair growth direction.
Before starting your perfect wet shave routine, you need to reacquaint yourself with your hair growth. Hair growth is the road map of how to shave. Let your beard grow for a few days, until you have visible stubs and can see which direction the growth on each area of your face occurs.

When you start wet shaving, you will want to shave in the direction of your hair’s growth to avoid nicks and cuts. As you become acclimated to your new routine, you can give shaving against the grain a try. Just don’t do that right out of the gate.

2. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin.
Using a quality skin cleanser that exfoliates, such as a facial scrub, spend some time in the shower or at the sink focusing on a good exfoliation to lift facial hair and remove dead skin. This will help you experience a smooth, comfortable shave and less ingrown hairs, particularly as you relearn how to shave using your new safety razor.

3. Steam your face in the shower or with a hot towel.
In a warm shower or using a hot towel, apply steam or warmth to your face for about half a minute. This warmth softens your hairs, making them more responsive to the razor’s blades.

BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel
BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel

4. Apply pre-shave oil.
To further prep your skin and soften hairs, apply a quality pre-shave oil, gel or lotion. Pre-shave oil helps protect the skin’s surface by encouraging the razor to glide over its surface. Pre-shave oil also moisturizes your skin and improves how it looks between shaves.

5. Use a badger shaving brush to apply shaving soap or shaving cream to your face and neck.
Using a badger hair shaving brush helps evenly apply your shaving soap or shaving cream. It also lifts facial hair so it is “in place” for optimum cutting by the razor. Before shaving, let the shaving soap or cream remain on your face for about half a minute, to work its magic.

Shave in the direction of hair growth, starting on the sides of the face and progressing to the neck, jawline and finally the mouth area while using short strokes. Do not apply pressure to the razor or press it into your skin. Simply hold the razor firmly at a 30-degree angle. Remember to go slowly and stretch your skin with your free hand where needed.

6. Cold water splash.
To rinse your face, use a cold water splash or a cold wet washcloth. This will close your pores and ready your skin for after shave application.

7. Application of after shave.
Lightly apply after shave lotion, balm or cream to your shaved areas. After shave hydrates the skin and provides anti-bacterial protection to minimize bumps and irritation.