10 Wedding Facts To Consider Before Tying The Knot

Planning your wedding will be one of the most fun and stressful segments of your life.  Don’t worry, it’s mostly fun.  However, there are some areas of the process which can take an ugly turn if you aren’t careful.  These changes in course can create massive stress and anxiety for the married couple to be.  Not how you want to start off tying the knot.  There are some ways to prepare for planning your wedding day which will ensure everything runs smooth. Most problems that arise throughout the wedding process is related to the budget of the event.


Knowing how much the wedding will cost is extremely important early on in the process.  Most weddings take approximately a year to plan so understanding and communicating some expectations with each other is imperative shortly after you say “I do”.  This is also a great exercise to see how you both will interact with important financial decisions such as hiring the florist, DJ, photographer and more.  During this time, you will need to make sure that you both are honest with each other and go over what is important to you when it comes to the big day.  For example, if certain flower arrangements or a specific photographer is a must and they are costly compared to other vendors, these are the conversations you need to have with each other so there are no surprises down the road.

Remember that this important day does end up being just that, one day.  This is important to consider if the excited married couple to be is funding the entire event themselves.


Respecting one another and all the family members, friends and colleagues throughout the process is vital.  Although the planning process for the big day is stressful for the bride and groom, it shouldn’t be on other people.  Alleviating the stress from the family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen that are part of the event is the responsibility of the bride and groom.  So make sure you show appreciation to everyone that is involved in the event and constantly thank them.

Learn From Past Experiences

Surely this won’t be the first wedding you have attended and hopefully not the last as well.  Don’t be afraid to learn from other peoples weddings by asking them what they could do differently if they had the chance.  You would be surprised at how valuable this information is since they have experienced this day themselves.

See our visual graphic below that summaries some interesting facts to pay attention to before the big day.  Take a look at these pointers before tying the knot since these tips cover most of the information you are curious about or should know before the big day.

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