Mr. Natty Beard Soap


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Mr. Natty Beard Soap

Mr. Natty Beard Soap

Having a beard requires some maintenance if you want to feel fresh and clean daily.  Using standard bar soap just isn’t going to cut it, believe us.  Mr. Natty has solved a problem many men have which is what should they use on their skin for cleansing?  No man feels good about using his female partners face wash and of course, there is absolutely nothing manly about that.  If you have no facial hair, a standard face soap is an easy answer.  If you have a beard, you need the Mr. Natty Face Forest Beard Soap which caters to the beard and skin on your face at the same time.

The FFS beard shampoo is olive oil based which moisturizes the skin while allowing you to form your beard after cleaning with any of your favorite balms or oils.  Some of the other natural ingredients in the Mr. Natty Beard Soap include shea butter and peppermint oil which contributes to the never overwhelming yet pleasant scent one would recognize quickly.

The recommended use of Mr. Natty Beard Soap is in the shower and can be used instead of a face wash.  Once your skin is hot and your pores are open, you can apply a fair amount of this soap in your hands and apply it gently all over your face.  We recommend letting Mr. Natty’s blend sit in your beard for at least a couple minutes before washing it out.  Doing so will ensure the scents from the peppermint oil will be present post-shower.

Made from England’s finest, get your very own container of Mr. Natty Beard Soap which comes in a metal 80g size with a screw top design made to keep the freshness sealed for a long time without easily drying out.  One container should last at least three dozen beard washes with moderate producing lather applied to your skin.

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