Easy Steps To Finding Yourself The Best Shaving Razor

Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond DE3D14BL

Easy Steps To Finding Yourself The Best Shaving Razor

For the best shave, a safety razor is a great wet shave choice. But using a safety razor takes time and practice for a close, smooth shave. There are keys to selecting your own best shaving razor, particularly if you are going for the classic shave a safety razor provides. But when you find your perfect fit and adapt to this method, the match will be one you cherish forever.

A Safety Razor, Considered the Best Shaving Razor By Many

When selecting a safety razor as your own best shaving razor you will need to pay attention to several attributes of available choices.

best shaving razorEdge: Single or Double?
Single-edge safety razors are less common than double. Only one side of the razorhead will have an exposed blade. For most safety razors, you are able to flip the razor around during shaving to use two blades for greater convenience. Quite simply, single edge safety razors are not as often considered the best shaving razor for a wet shave and few, if any, manufacturers produce them today.  Single edge razors used to be very popular in the early part of the century but has been almost diminished by the double edge razors.

Double edge safety razors have two identical sides with the blade exposed. This allows you to spend half as much time rinsing your razor during your shaving routine.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor DE87BL
Edwin Jagger Safety Razor DE87BL

Quality counts for a wet shave. The best shaving razor that will last for years is going to come at a price. But for the number of years you will enjoy using your razor, it is usually well worth the price. Safety razors are often handed down from father to son, as they have been for generations.

A good starter safety razor may be the Edwin Jagger Faux Ivory Safety Razor DE87BL, whereas a keepsake may be one like the gold plated Merkur Futur Safety Razor.

There are two primary types of razorheads: adjustable and stable. An adjustable safety razor head allows you to determine the setting of the blade. Razor blade angle and exposure are two ways that razorheads may adjust. An adjustable safety razor example is the polished chrome Merkur Futur Safety Razor. A non-adjustable safety razor is the Edwin Jagger Safety Razor R35611SR.

Your best shaving razor will be one that fits nicely and comfortably in your hand, allowing you to grip it as you need to for your best possible shave. Safety razor handles can vary in grip width, handle length, weight and materials.

Most safety razors are maintained in the same manner. This usually consists of rinse and air dry. You do want to ensure your safety razor is from a recognized brand, so you can rely on it properly holding the blade when it counts for many years to come.


Blades are a variable you will need to decide for yourself. Blades are available in varied thickness and sharpness. It is better to practice for several weeks using less sharp blades, before graduating to the more refined ones.