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Brought to you by Original Shave Company, One Night in Italy is your premiere Italian shaving cream you will love from the moment you open the cap.  If you enjoy a thick lather that gets built up easily without using too much product, you will absolutely love this shaving cream.  Custom formulated in England, this 6oz (170g) tub is larger than most luxury shaving creams and will last through many shaves while performing extremely well with any shaving razor.

The scent of this shaving cream has remnants of an Italian orange which is sweet to the smell but also not overpowering.  The citrus scent is not aggressive at all and is not filled with any harsh ingredients that could dry out your skin.  Also, harsh ingredients usually follow you around for days while presenting an aggressive odor around family and friends.  Not good.  Perfectly capable of being used without a brush, all you would have to do is wet your face with warm water and apply a small drop of shaving cream across the beard growth and work in the product with your fingers until you get even coverage.  If you love using shaving brushes as we do, this will enhance the experience with the One Night in Italy shaving cream even more.  For shaving brush applications, get your brush wet with warm water and remove excess water by squeezing it with your hand/fingers.  Apply a small amount of the shaving cream to the brush and start rotating the brush in your shaving cup or bowl with quick rotations until you build up your desired lather.  You can use the screw on/off cap of the shaving cream as a mixing bowl or cup if needed.  Start or even end your day feeling fresh, recharged and amazing with One Night in Italy.

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