Best Steps Needed To Get A Close Shave

Close Shave

Best Steps Needed To Get A Close Shave

Looking for a really close shave? Feeling too much stubble right after putting down the razor? Below are some tips for getting your best close shave:

Exfoliate Before Shaving

A great, close shave starts with exfoliation. This is because skin does not feel smooth unless you ensure it is actually smooth at the molecular level. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, leaving baby soft smoothness behind.

There are several ways to exfoliate before shaving. Using a facial scrub can buff away old cells, dirt and oil that hold whiskers down and restrict your razor’s performance. Shaving also exfoliates dead skin cells away. But for a great shave exfoliate first so your razor can do what it is meant to do for whiskers.

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush - Ebony Best Badger - 1EJ876
The EJ 1EJ876 will prepare you for closest shave

Prepare Well for Your Shave to Prevent Razor Bumps

To get a great shave without razor bumps, prepare for your shave properly. Wash and exfoliate your face and thoroughly hydrate your facial hair with warm water. Spend three minutes applying nicely warmed water to your face to most fully hydrate the hair.

Next, apply a quality shave gel like BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel. This gel is designed to help the razor properly glide over skin’s surface. It also softens hair and prevents cuts and abrasions. The gel helps hair hold the hydration you just applied, before shaving cream is applied.

Apply an Ample Amount of Quality Shaving Cream

Edwin Jagger Shaving Cream Bowl Sandalwood SCSWUse a badger bristle shaving brush like the Simpsons Berkeley 46 Pure Badger to create a foamy lather from quality shaving cream.

While you prepare to start your shave, fill your sink with hot water. As the sink fills allow the badger bristle shaving brush to soak in the sink so the bristles may absorb warm water. After allowing all excess water to run off the the bristles, dance your badger bristle shaving brush around the surface of shaving cream like Mr. Taylor’s Shaving Cream Bowl by Taylor of Old Bond Street. Use circular motions to create a rich, frothy foam. Apply the foam to your face that has been exfoliated, hydrated and prepared using pre-shave gel.

Use an Advanced Razor for Your Best Shave

The best shave starts with the skin and hair preparatory process. Clearly, however, a quality razor is also an important part of the close shave equation. If you like the convenience of disposable blades, an Edwin Jagger Fusion Razor can provide the convenience of a close shave using a multi-blade disposable with the elegance and experience of a beautifully designed razor.

Shave in the Right Order

To get the closest shave where it counts, save the most aggressively growing areas for last. Start shaving on your cheeks, jawline and neck. Allow extra time for the shaving gel to soak into hair around your mouth by saving that part of your shave for last. This will allow the gel to work its magic on the coarse hairs around this area, making them easier to cut and enabling a close shave.

Derby Safety Razors
Derby Safety Razors Provides One of the Closest Shave

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Most men who use disposable blades use them too long and don’t ever achieve the closest shave. Change blades when you feel any discomfort, tugging or dragging. Inspect your blades before shaving to ensure they appear in good condition. Use them for the amount of time recommended on the label and replace according to those specifications. Even more importantly, do not share your razor. Each person in the household should have their own personal razor.

If you don’t have shaving supplies yet to kick off your wet shaving journey, you may want to consider how choosing the perfect men’s shaving kit might be just what you are looking for.

The online shaving store for discerning gentlemen

The online shaving store for discerning gentleman

Finding a shaving store online where you can comfortably shop for your wet shaving essentials without worrying about low quality or overpriced items is key these days. specializes in high quality shaving essentials offered at good prices and of course combined with our exceptional customer service. We carry only the best quality products from well known, trusted manufacturers.  One of the many benefits to shop with us is our extensive knowledge of shaving essentials which we will be more than happy to assist with if you just contact us.  The following is a listing of the different wet shaving products that are available from our shop.

Razors – From Old School to Modern Designs

Dovo Shavette Razor Stainless Steel HandleWe stock a wide variety of razors so there is always something for every different kind of gentleman. If you’re into old school straight razors, we have original Dovo Shavettes for you. If you prefer classical shaving with a safety razor, then we have quality razors for you from reputable names like Edwin Jagger, Merkur and more. If you are not much of a traditional wet shaver and prefer to go with the times, we also have classic Mach3 or Fusion razors which use authentic Gillette cartridges.

Shaving Brushes

Wet ShavingOur online shaving store offers a very fine assortment of shaving brushes from well known brush makers such as Simpsons, Edwin Jagger and much more. We currently stock authentic pure badger and best badger brushes from Simpsons while our Edwin Jagger assortment includes high quality synthetic brushes, pure badger, best badger, super badger and Silver-Tip badger brushes. So whether you are a wet shaving animal-lover who prefers synthetic brushes or the traditionalist who must always have a badger brush, we have what you need.

Bundle & Shave

shaving kitWhat’s unique about our store is the custom shaving sets with our high in demand“Bundle & Shave” program. If you like making bulk purchases to get better deals or you just love to have complete packages of anything, then you will love our Bundle & Shave deals. We offer a variety of bundles which combine different products from different manufactures into unique offerings. Apart from our pre-packed deals, we also offer you the opportunity of selecting the individual items by yourself with our “Build Your Own Bundles”. One important thing to remember here is that whichever way you make your selection, you can always rest assured that you are selecting from the highest quality shaving essentials.

Shaving Soaps & Shaving Creams

BAUME.BE Shaving CreamOur shaving store would not be complete without shaving soaps and shaving creams. We offer you the very best shaving essentials when it comes to lathering up since we only choose brands which are butane free and don’t include harmful chemicals which can irritate or dry up your face. We stock traditional shaving soaps from reputable producers like the Colonel Conk, Edwin Jagger, and Taylor of Old Bond street. These are some of the best hard soaps you will find for making a luxurious shaving lather and you can also choose from the different fragrances available, like sandalwood, lime, amber and bay rum. Our shaving creams are also of the finest grade and include shaving cream jars and tubes with Lavender, coconut-oil, sandalwood, cooling menthol and lime fragrances.

Pre-Shave & After-shave

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil - SandalwoodWe also offer pre-shave oils in our shaving store from the same manufacturers listed above. Pre-shave oil is a necessity for a quality wet shave, especially for people with sensitive skin. A pre-shave oil application helps to protect and lubricate the skin while an after-shave helps to nourish it. This nourishment is important because shaving exfoliates the outermost layers of the skin which then needs to be nourished.



Our Razor Blade OffersGillette 7 O'Clock Safety Razors Yellow Box

We offer both safety razor blades and disposable straight razor (shavette) blades. In our shaving store, you will find razor blades from Gillette, Merkur of Germany, Feather of Japan, Astra, Derby and Dovo of Germany.  These are some of the highest quality brands and companies for wet shaving.




Feel free to visit our online shaving store and to give us a try today. We also offer a full 30-day return policy on our products and we accept all the major credit cards, including paypal. If you prefer to place your order over the telephone, you can call us toll-free at (800)769-4935 Ext 1. You can also use the “Contact Us” form on our website to send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Guide to Choosing the Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Guide to Choosing the Best Double Edge Razor Blades

One of the first steps in the wet shaving routine is to choose your safety razor if you are going to wet shave with a safety razor.  After choosing your safety razor, the next step in setting up your shaving set is to choose a razor blade. Safety razor blades come from a variety of manufacturers from all over the world. Using any of the different blades, you are guaranteed a clean shave.  However, there are slight differences in the design and production of these blades that make it a necessity that any wet shaver will have to choose a particular brand to stick to.

Merkur Safety Razors

Currently there are safety razor blades from manufacturers like Merkur, Feather, Astra, Gillette, Derby and much more.  All these brands have different characteristics and it’s not very easy to see the difference visually. These different blade characteristics include sharpness, durability, price and aggressiveness. When you decide to choose the best double edge razor blades for your personal shaving routine, you must consider each of these points.

Sharpness is important in determining the best double edge razor blades for yourself. While most razors are basically sharp, some tend to be sharper than others and will therefore either be suitable or unsuitable for some people. For example, the extremely sharp blades are normally not quite suitable for beginners and others with sensitive skin.

Some razor blades may last for just 2 to 3 shaving sessions while others can last for much longer. Durability is therefore also an important factor in choosing the best double edge razor blades to make up your shaving set. The more durable a blade is, the lower its cost per shave is.

Safety razor aggressiveness has to do mainly with the design of the razor’s head, but also with the blade. The factors that affect the aggressiveness include the amount of blade that is exposed, the cutting angle of the blade as a result of the razor’s design and the size of the blade gap. When deciding on the best double edge razor blades for future use, you will have to factor in your razor’s design because using a very sharp blade with an aggressive safety razor is bound to produce plenty of razor cuts.

Some safety razor blades cost as much as five times more than other lower priced models. The more expensive blades are generally of higher quality than the lower priced blades and either last much longer or are much sharper. Price is therefore also an important factor in choosing the best double edge razor for your shaving set because though you may want to stick to the higher quality models, you also have to be sure that you can afford it.

Other Factors to Consider

Coarse Hair
The coarseness of your hair is very important when considering the best double edge razor blades to become part of your shaving set. This is because of the fact that razor blade sharpness is actually relative. For example, a razor blade may be very sharp for someone with soft hair while the same blade would feel dull for another person with more coarse hair.

Skin Sensitivity
Skin sensitivity is also important when deciding on the best double edge razor blades to stick to because people with sensitive skin will have to avoid very sharp and aggressive blades and razors.  For example, the Feather Safety Blades are not the best choice for those who have very sensitive skin since these are one of the most aggressive blades on the market.

A Review of some Popular Razor Blades

Merkur Safety RazorsMerkur Safety Razor Blades

Merkur is a well known German maker of wet shaving products. Blades from Merkur, including their straight razor blades are always of very high quality. Another plus is that Merkur blades are also easily available. For beginners and wet shavers with softer hair, in search of the best double edge razor blades, Merkur safety razor blades could be the answer.


Feather Safety Razor BladesFeather Hi-stainless Platinum

Feather is a Japanese safety razor blade brand. It is also quite popular among wet shavers, in fact almost legendary. Feather blades can be extremely sharp and are therefore not very ideal for beginners. For long time wet shavers on the other hand, who know what they are doing, feather is worth the try.



Astra Platinum Razor BladesAstra superior Platinum

Astra blades are quite sharp but can be overly aggressive. This creates a Love-Hate relationship between them and many wet-shavers.  Made from a Russian design, these blades are usually a big hit for daily use.




Gillette 7 O'Clock Safety Razors Yellow BoxGillette 7 o’clock Sharp Edge

The Gillette 7 o’clock super stainless blade is a good safety razor blade for beginners. Although the blade is highly unlikely to survive more than three shaving sessions, this offer is still attractive because of its good price.




Derby Safety RazorsDerby Extra Super Stainless

Derby Extra blades are among the least aggressive blades in the market. Combined with its good price, Derby has grown to popularity among many wet-shavers with sensitive skin





Choosing the best double edge razor blades is important for every shaver but nobody can know beforehand what will work and what may not. To find the ideal safety razor blade that is perfect for you, you must have to try out a few. There is simply no other way to it. You will have to take your time and go through razor blade after razor blade until you find that one blade that fits both your razor and your skin. Hopefully, this guide has shown you where to start and the aspects to watch out for.

Build Your Own Bundle – Safety Razor Package

shaving kit

Exclusive to the, you can custom design your very own bundled package and have the combination of perfect men essentials which include but is not limited to safety razors, shaving brushes, pre-shave essentials, shaving creams/soaps, after shave essentials, razor blades and much more!

No wet shaving experience is truly complete without a well-appointed wet shaving kit. Our safety razor bundle selections ensure your wet shaving kit suits your personal needs, preferences and style for your own perfect shave.

To start your bundle, select from a wide variety of traditional and contemporary safety razors. Our offered styles provide something for everyone, including sleek gold, polished chrome, textured handles and stylish insets. Safety razor handles vary in length, weight and width to suit your grasp so pick one that describes you.

Picking the perfect shaving brush from a variety of our brush manufacturers is the next step in your bundling selections. Choose from synthetic or badger bristle shaving brushes, with or without an accompanying drip stand or other accessories. Choose one to suit personal style, your bathroom’s decor or even the material of your shaving bag.

No wet shaving process or associated kit is complete without a pre-shave gel, oil or lotion. Modern men often neglect this important application of hydrating and hair softening pre-shave. But once you give it a try, you will never neglect your skin and hair by skipping this step again. Carrying some of the best brands in the world such as Edwin Jagger, Taylor of Old Bond Street, BAUM.BE and more, you are sure to find the perfect essential to cater your needs.

The best part of shaving is probably the lathering and application of rich, warm, thick shaving cream. Choose from a variety of shaving soaps and creams, whether you prefer the bar, a bowl or tube.

Once your shaving is completed and you are ready to start the rest of your day, refresh your skin and tighten pores using your preferred after shave balm, gel or lotion. The scent becomes yours, lingering just enough to present a reward after your satisfaction of one of the most timeless rituals of manhood.

Of course, you will need blades for your razor.  Finding the right safety razor blade for you might take a little trial and error since some blades perform differently for different wet shavers.  Select from top brands such as Feather, Astra, DOVO, Gillette, Derby or Merkur blades to name a few.

If you need a shaving brush drip stand, cologne or other accessories, you can select from available additions to your bundle at

If you’re the type of person who wants it all, you have officially found it.  Get a discount on this package by bundling your very own kit which discounts each item below the price of what you would pay if you purchased them individually.  When you bundle, you save.  So what are you waiting for, Bundle & Shave® now!