How Wet Shaving Products are Making the World a Better Place

How Wet Shaving Products are Making the World a Better Place

There’s plenty of room in fashion for a man’s clean-shaven face. One of the best ways to shave is with a prepared, wet, lathered face. Wet shaving products are the perfect addition to a man’s grooming routine since it makes this mundane task fun and exciting again.  Here is how you could get started with Wet shaving products and give the perfect gift that keeps giving.

Start with good tools

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor DE87BLModern cartridge razors have been adding blades in the name of a closer shave for decades, an arms race that has been parodied in a famous old Saturday Night Live commercial, which was funny until reality caught up. But regardless of the technological achievements, nothing beats a fresh double-edged razor blade, especially when taking some steps before and after.

The double edge safety razor is one of the best ways to go when shaving.  This timeless, classic shaving tool is not only reasonably priced due to low manufacturing costs of stainless steel blades, it also allows a fresh blade change more frequently since each razor blade is pennies compared to costly cartridge razors. Plus, over time,you end up throwing away less material compared to cartridge razors with only one blade.  Another great benefit of the safety razor blade is it does not get clogged with stubble, oil, and lather compared to other shaving tools.

Before the shave

BAUME.BE Pre Shave GelBefore you start slicing those follicles off your face though, you should be getting your skin and beard ready. It’s often best to shave after a shower since the heat and moisture will soften your beard.  This often times makes shaving more comfortable.

Investing in a high quality pre-shave oil and applying it to your face before the wet shave kicks off is ideal. Pre-shave oil will moisturize your skin and allow the razor to glide across your face versus being pulled across.  In case you didn’t know, this “pull” is what could create razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  Most Pre-Shave Oils are made from natural vegetable oil which makes it not harsh on the skin or harsh down the drain.

Afterwards is important, too

Adding to the natural shaving prep, consider including some after shave oil/creams. Despite using a sharp blade and sublime pre-shave oil, the skin needs some care post shave as well.  Consider one of these soothing after shaves which will seal your skin and kick start your day the right way.

Keep in mind that your wet shaving tools need to be cleaned of all remaining debris before you store them away.  This means your wet shaving products should be dry of water, soap or oil after each shave.

The most common ingredient in after-shave oil is tea tree oil. It’s a strong antiseptic and emollient, and when diluted it does great on razor burns and ingrown hairs. You’ll probably not want to use it straight, though. And definitely don’t drink it; it’s toxic when taken internally! 🙂

The complete kit

Wet Shaving ProductsThe final piece of great wet shaving products is a shaving brush.  A shaving brush is used to apply shaving cream and soap but should not be used to apply pre shave oils by any means.  A well-designed brush is, like the razor itself, a delight to hold and use which can make a chore like shaving more meditative and enjoyable. The handle can be plastic or wood; the hairs can be synthetic, but better are boar, badger, or horse hairs.

Put all these together, and you’ll end up with a terrific gift set. After all, Father’s Day is just around the corner!  If you have any questions on any of our wet shaving products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are always very happy to help!

The online shaving store for discerning gentlemen

The online shaving store for discerning gentleman

Finding a shaving store online where you can comfortably shop for your wet shaving essentials without worrying about low quality or overpriced items is key these days. specializes in high quality shaving essentials offered at good prices and of course combined with our exceptional customer service. We carry only the best quality products from well known, trusted manufacturers.  One of the many benefits to shop with us is our extensive knowledge of shaving essentials which we will be more than happy to assist with if you just contact us.  The following is a listing of the different wet shaving products that are available from our shop.

Razors – From Old School to Modern Designs

Dovo Shavette Razor Stainless Steel HandleWe stock a wide variety of razors so there is always something for every different kind of gentleman. If you’re into old school straight razors, we have original Dovo Shavettes for you. If you prefer classical shaving with a safety razor, then we have quality razors for you from reputable names like Edwin Jagger, Merkur and more. If you are not much of a traditional wet shaver and prefer to go with the times, we also have classic Mach3 or Fusion razors which use authentic Gillette cartridges.

Shaving Brushes

Wet ShavingOur online shaving store offers a very fine assortment of shaving brushes from well known brush makers such as Simpsons, Edwin Jagger and much more. We currently stock authentic pure badger and best badger brushes from Simpsons while our Edwin Jagger assortment includes high quality synthetic brushes, pure badger, best badger, super badger and Silver-Tip badger brushes. So whether you are a wet shaving animal-lover who prefers synthetic brushes or the traditionalist who must always have a badger brush, we have what you need.

Bundle & Shave

shaving kitWhat’s unique about our store is the custom shaving sets with our high in demand“Bundle & Shave” program. If you like making bulk purchases to get better deals or you just love to have complete packages of anything, then you will love our Bundle & Shave deals. We offer a variety of bundles which combine different products from different manufactures into unique offerings. Apart from our pre-packed deals, we also offer you the opportunity of selecting the individual items by yourself with our “Build Your Own Bundles”. One important thing to remember here is that whichever way you make your selection, you can always rest assured that you are selecting from the highest quality shaving essentials.

Shaving Soaps & Shaving Creams

BAUME.BE Shaving CreamOur shaving store would not be complete without shaving soaps and shaving creams. We offer you the very best shaving essentials when it comes to lathering up since we only choose brands which are butane free and don’t include harmful chemicals which can irritate or dry up your face. We stock traditional shaving soaps from reputable producers like the Colonel Conk, Edwin Jagger, and Taylor of Old Bond street. These are some of the best hard soaps you will find for making a luxurious shaving lather and you can also choose from the different fragrances available, like sandalwood, lime, amber and bay rum. Our shaving creams are also of the finest grade and include shaving cream jars and tubes with Lavender, coconut-oil, sandalwood, cooling menthol and lime fragrances.

Pre-Shave & After-shave

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil - SandalwoodWe also offer pre-shave oils in our shaving store from the same manufacturers listed above. Pre-shave oil is a necessity for a quality wet shave, especially for people with sensitive skin. A pre-shave oil application helps to protect and lubricate the skin while an after-shave helps to nourish it. This nourishment is important because shaving exfoliates the outermost layers of the skin which then needs to be nourished.



Our Razor Blade OffersGillette 7 O'Clock Safety Razors Yellow Box

We offer both safety razor blades and disposable straight razor (shavette) blades. In our shaving store, you will find razor blades from Gillette, Merkur of Germany, Feather of Japan, Astra, Derby and Dovo of Germany.  These are some of the highest quality brands and companies for wet shaving.




Feel free to visit our online shaving store and to give us a try today. We also offer a full 30-day return policy on our products and we accept all the major credit cards, including paypal. If you prefer to place your order over the telephone, you can call us toll-free at (800)769-4935 Ext 1. You can also use the “Contact Us” form on our website to send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The History of Wet Shaving

The History of Wet Shaving

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is the practice of wetting the face first with hot or warm water and applying shaving cream before the actual act of shaving itself. This art of shaving is a very old tradition that dates back into antiquity. There is no definite date when it can be said that the first human being decided to shave himself, but there are archaeological findings and cave paintings that indicate that early-man must have used seashells as tweezers to pull off facial hair as early as 100,000 years BC. By 30,000 BC, shaving had evolved to the use of flint blades in scraping the face.

Wet ShavingThe pharaohs of ancient Egypt are known to completely shave both their facial hairs and to shave their heads bald. But their method of shaving on the other hand is not exactly known. Circular bronze and gold razors have been found in Egyptian burial chambers which suggest that they definitely used razors in shaving. Also the oldest documented use of shaving cream is as early as 3,000 BC in Sumer and given the link between the Sumerian and Old Egyptian civilizations, one can safely assume that the Pharaohs did also practice some sort of wet shaving. They also used the same form of shaving cream like the Sumerians, made from animal fats and wood-ash. Although it is difficult to say exactly, this started most probably earlier in history, or latest by 3,000 BC.

Up until the fourth century BC, shaving was basically for noblemen and royalty who would often have a house barber in permanent employment. This was until Alexander the great ordered all his men to shave so that their enemies would have nothing to hold on to in close combat. Shaving then started to become trendy. About a century before this period, Roman commercial barbers who offered their services in barber salons appeared in history. They reportedly used iron razors and like the Egyptians would first use the razors to cut the hair low and then finish off by rubbing the stubbles off with pumice stones. They also employed the use of oils as a shaving cream and since then, the art and science of wet shaving has continued to evolve. The razor designs were improved on and even fancy razors with gold handles and decorations were made.

For roughly the next two thousand years, there was hardly any further significant development in shaving. The shape of the modern straight razor was already developed back in those Roman times, but the iron blades they used easily went blunt and had to be steadily sharpened. The next development would have to come from England in the eighteenth century AD when man finally learned how to work steel. Shaving creams too didn’t get much significant improvement. But the fine art of shaving wet evolved in this period. The initial wrapping of the face in hot towel, the application of shaving creams and solutions, the shave and after-shave services all made the barber-shop a delightful place to visit and with time, these techniques were also perfected.

The Time-line of Razor Development

-100,000 BC
Early man used seashells as tweezers to pull hair from face.

– 30,000 BC
Blades are made from flint.

– 3,000 BC
Razors are made from copper.
Shaving creams are being developed.

– 1,200 BC
Razors with bronze blades are made.

– 400 BC
Razors with iron blades are used.

– 1740 AD
Benjamin Huntsman sells first straight razors with hollow-ground blades made from Sheffield steel. Till today, straight razors haven’t changed much in design. A current modern straight razor can be found by viewing this new age Dovo Straight Razor.

Wet Shaving– 1847 AD
William Henson invents the hoe-shaped razor, which is the shape of the current safety razor. This razor design makes it possible for more and more people to shave by themselves instead of going to the barber. This is because shaving with a safety razor is much less risky than with a straight razor. But such a design still needed that the blade be sharpened every now and then.



Wet Shaving– 1895 AD
A traveling salesman, King Camp Gillette combines the hoe shaped safety razor with a disposable double-edged blade design. He sold the razor very cheaply at a loss but made a huge fortune from the blades which were meant to be used just once and then discarded. His invention also won a contract from the US Army for 3.5 million razors and 32 million blades during the first world war. The soldiers were encouraged to shave often and when they returned, they were also allowed to keep their razors. This made them continue to purchase Gillette’s blades which turned him into a very rich man. The design hasn’t changed much since then and popular Merkur and Edwin Jagger safety razors still look the same way.

Wet Shaving– 1927
Lt. Col Jacob Schick of the U.S. Army invents the first electric dry shaver. It becomes a hit and he sells millions of units. Although dry shaving with an electric shaver was less desirable than wet shaving, the relatively high price of replacement blades for safety razors pushed people away from it. Over the years, the safety razors started to loose market share to the electric dry shavers. Barbers were also loosing their jobs.



– 1960
Wilkinson makes the first disposable stainless steel blade. It was cheap and could be used a few times before disposal. Gillette and other firms follow suit, consumers love the blades and wet shaving was again very affordable and popular. This disposable stainless steel blade is still manufactured today and used all over the world for clean, efficient and cost-effective shaving.

– 1974
Bic manufactures the disposable shaving stick and other firms follow suit. Soon Gillette is manufacturing double bladed and triple bladed cartridge shavers. This development has continued today into products like the Gillette Mach3 Razor. But while the Mach3 may be more effective than disposable shaving sticks, the single bladed double-edged safety razor is more effective than the Mach3 and similar products. But in the end, the straight razor remains the most effective means of shaving.


The Lost Art of Wet Shaving

Wet ShavingIn the middle-ages, the badger hair brush became a part of shaving culture which by now involved the use of hard soaps to whip up a lather. In 1840, the Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap from Vroom and Fowler became one of the first soaps dedicated solely to shaving.

When in the 20 century, the safety razor had gained much popularity, especially after the first world war and many men had taken to shaving by themselves, a new culture developed. This new male culture was the morning ritual of wet shaving with a single bladed safety razor. And although many changes have come and gone, like electric dry shavers and canned shaving creams, none of them could offer the efficiency and psychological benefits of the wet shave.


The Resurgence of Wet Shaving

Wet Shaving

The romantic and positive therapeutic effect of taking the time to hydrate your face with warm-to-hot water, then applying a pre-shave solution, and then using a brush, apply your shaving cream before shaving and applying aftershave is well known to many men. Even many retailers of shaving products have reported an increase in sales of straight razor shaving kits like this straight razor bundle after having seen James Bond’s erotic close shave with a straight razor from Bond-girl Eve in the 2012 movie Skyfall where she also commented “Sometimes the old ways are the best”.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor R35611SR

Although the straight razor is the best razor for wet shaving, it is still regarded as only for the most daring of men, because of the dangers of shaving with it. This is where the traditional double edged safety razor comes in and this is the reason it is also very popular and has recently been increasing in popularity too. Some of the reasons many men give for reverting to wet shaving include:
– Cheaper cost per shave.
– Male Tradition (“wanting to shave like the ancestors did”).
Clean shave.
– Avoiding skin conditions such as ingrown hairs.
– Environmental concerns.
– Pleasure
There is much pleasure to be gained from shaving yourself daily with a traditional single bladed razor. Looking at yourself in that mirror with your cream covered face will remind you each day of who you are and how far you have come.

Wet Shaving

For any man who would like to try out wet shaving using a double-edged safety razor in the traditional way, there are pre-packaged sets like this Merkur Safety Razor Set. It is also possible to build your own bundle from scratch.  We hope you have enjoyed this historical background provided on the art of wet shaving.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions on any of our fine shaving products.